Thursday, August 14, 2008

Strangers - Dedicated specially to my Fellow blogger Malee

People with whom you have contact every day often will not think twice about being cruel to you. They know your limits and know how to push your buttons. They know what you cannot stand and how to abuse you without doing anything obviously offensive or socially unacceptable.

Strangers on the other hand do not know any of these things about you on a personal level. A stranger will generally be nice if only for fear that you could be a barrel of gunpowder waiting for a spark to send you pacing from cubicle to cubicle with an AR Fifteen assault rifle pumping round after round into your co-workers and friends till finally you realize what you have done and turn the gun on yourself.

Strangers compose the majority of the world. If you were to simply take every man, woman and child you had ever been introduced to or known well in your lifetime, they would still only add up to an insignificant fraction of the six billion Sapienes that cohabitate on this blue and green orb. The majority of people I have encountered in my lifetime will go out of their way if only for a minute to help you out.

Onese I was staying at the my cousin's house outside of kegalle and was trying to find the mountain trecking club, I was very lost, and so I asked a man if he knew where it was. He gave me the directions and then had a short conversation about other places I should see in the area during my stay. Why he was willing to take a good ten minutes out of his day to help me, a complete stranger, I will never know. Nonetheless he did.

Strangers are an odd breed; they are unknown to us until we have contact with them. We pass them everyday in our cars or on the streets. They will hold open doors and smile at us. Make small talk help us when we are in trouble. On some occasions they may even save our lives. Firemen and police officers spend their careers putting them selves in harms way for the sake of others, ninety nine percent of whom they have and probably will never even see.

If there is only one thing you can truly count on, it is the kindness of strangers, because if you look long enough you will eventually find a person you do not know who is willing to sit down with you over a cup of coffee and listen to your problems for free. Strangers are the kindest people because they have very few preconceived notions about your personality. That is why they say, You can always depend on the kindness of strangers to buck up your spirit and shield you from danger… "A stranger’s just a friend you haven’t met.”


  1. Thankyou Nash, thanks for dedicating this for me..

    BTW now you know me so u can count me as a friend - no more strangers Lolzzz!

    "A stranger’s just a friend you haven’t met.”
    nice quote buddy!

  2. This goes with the notion, I do not fart nor I pick my nose in front of strangers, but at home I do that free of any fears, would my family members accept that.......who cares??? Why all of a sudden we feel strangers are better, why we try to find friends in strangers.....what about family & friends we have, had??? We take them for granted, we tkae their love,kindness, warmth, support.....everything for granted & vice a versa..........this is where we get lost, why people beat theie loved ones, wives & kids.....but not thieves & murderers???
    Good food for thought bro......