Monday, August 18, 2008


Haresh calls me a dot liner !!!

So I thought I should write about something extracting my self from the the norm. A journal of a sort about the weekend. The weekend of cource started as it should be. Saturday being a Poya Day, gave me an extra day to catch up on some sleep and be a lazy ass fagot which I always long for. (slept in my house after a long time)

I woke up the sounds of my maid cursing my Kittens. :-) .. what a lovely way to be woken up I thought. Turned around.. the bed was empty...and I sighed in depression of not seeing the slumber hit face of my GF as I used to see for the last 3 years. But nevertheless ..... nothing is gonna keep me down on this Bright sunny day !

Woke up, got a piping hot tea..kindly delivered by my (still) cursing maid. (later found that she was cursing the kittens cause they always takes the liberty in hiding in corners and pouncing at her feet). With the steaming tea on my hand and still half closed eyes... searched through the twisted bed sheets for the remote.

"Click"..."click".... FUUUCK !!!! I have switched off the TV last night than putting it into sleep. Too damn lazy to get up and turn in on..Fuck it.. reached over to the right had side bedstand and switched on my iPod which is connected to some sleek neat set of ipod dock I bought last week. .. "Strange Magic - Darren Hayes...." the music filled my room.. and I was in a transcendental meditation half way between sleep and awake.

You're sailing softly through the sun
In a broken stone age dawn.
You fly so high.
I get a Straaaaaaaange Magic !!!..../////
Got a Straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange magic.

You're walking meadows in my mind,
Making waves across my time,
oh.. no... oh... nooo
Oh, I'm never gonna be the same again,
Now I've seen the way it's got to end,
Sweet dream, sweet dream.
I get a Straaaaaaaange Magic !!!..../////
oh.. it's just LOVE
Got a Straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange magic.

I love that song.. I can listen to it 24x7 if I want too and still won't get bored. The melody and the enchanting rhythm is just what the doctor ordered to kick start your morning.

However, it got me thinking of many things.. especially about music. I grew up in a very stern parental background but I have been to and seen some of the extra ordinary music scenes one can ever think of. I have seen the first nervous performance on "kasun Kalhara", I have witnessed then unknown but the first superb performance of "Stigmata". I have gone around the world for work and made a point to attend the music scene in all of the countries I have been to. From 50 cent, Loyd Banks, Craig David, Rolling Stones, Madona to Linkin park, Lenny Kravitz, Aerosmith concernts I had the luck to grace.

And SLEPT ! .:-) .. as with all concerts.. they happen in the night and end around early morning. I wake up in the morning still with the beats and the thrill resonating in my mind.. I always think "what Great performance that was" and "how lucky was for me to be there to witness it" evethough I very well know that I won't ever see them live again or ever get a chance to stand and feel one of their live performances. But I am always grateful for just the sheer luck of been there to receive it.

Enlightenment !!

I turned around and saw the empty part of my bed again.

How LUCKY I was to have had her ! .. even for a short while in my life. How powerful her performance was in my life ! What a RUSH !! .. what a RUSH I get when I think about her ! Amazing human being she was. I know I may never see her again. I know I may never be with her again !

But I was such a lucky bastard to had her the time I had her !

Thanks !

Yours eyes are still unforgettable !

Ladies and Gentlemen..... let me officially announce you that I have seen the "other" side of grief and I am now out of the depth of depression I was in. :-)

Nice feeling to have !... if I want to dedicate a song to her "right now" I would choose a song from the same album of an OST from Ella Enchanted.....


One look I was shook
And that's all it took
And now I'm open
As I walk across the room
I saw you scoping
Now I'm hoping
To get you on the dance floor
Come on ?sava?
Mon cheri amour
Let's be blunt
It's you I adore
Your mind, your body, your soul
My heart is yours
Now let's keep it real ma
You're the definition of hot appeal
From the top to the bottom
The bottom to the top
Baby you're hot hot
Come on, let's keep on dancing

And if you'll let me stay we'll dance our nights away
You make me feel like dancing
I'm gonna dance the night away
You make me feel like dancing
I'm gonna dance the night away
You make me feel like dancing
I'm gonna dance the night away
You make me feel like dancing


  1. You have maid to pour you coffee when you lucky....Ipod, Remote controlled TV,Rock Concerts, Inter Continental material, what a load of consumerism.....yet, you have a sort of a touch that make us wanting to read what you write,to grasp what you it charisma?
    I'm scared of people with charisma.......

  2. Charisma is something I got from my Mother. Standing for what I believe is something I got from my father.

    They both gave me one gift together.

    ගෙන්දගමි පොළොවෙ පය ගහල අඇවිදින්න.

    That's what you see in me... :-)

  3. I am now out of the depth of depression I was in. :-)

    All Hail nash! BRavoo...!
    3 heart cheers..!!!!

  4. wow nash node as always i feel wow after reading this! ;)