Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Trogging or Trogg... I did'nt actually looked up the correct definition.... but i guess it basically means "slow and aimless walk"

What began with a slow trog in the early human civilization slowly turned into riding on animals...then carts.....etc etc...and now the Bugatti Veyron which we have today.

But heck with all that... the basic point here is that right now i am travelling in a shinkanshen ...that's the name the Japs call their bullet trains..

Now, from the moment I got my self here, in have been travelling a lot in these ..may be 10 - 12 times up to now....but every time I travel in these I still get amazed by the sheer speed and the velocity that this hulk of metal haul to and from people from place to place.

I think...up to my knowladge these Japs have the fastest of these trains........ at 350 kmph ...its always a breathtaking ride :-)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to cook

Ladies and Gentle-mans,.. please sit back, relax and carefully see the deliceeeeeiouse recepies of Japanese cooking.

I must warn you though..,the following recepies are crazy hard to make and i had to study then point perfectly for more than one month before I could even undesrand the sheer gravity and the hard work that goes in to making these dishes.

It's never like our easy Sri Lankan cooking... if you really think about it..SL cooking are for pussies !!!! Because its just dam easy. Japanesw cooking is an art form that takes years and years of practice to get it perfectly right.

So, without further adue,.. here are some recepies you might like to try out.


Cut beef,
Dip in soy sauce and Wasabi
EAT!  ( yes, no cooking..just eat)


Cut fish,
Dip in soy sauce and Wasabi


Dip in soy sauce and Wasabi


Grate vegitables
Dip in soy sauce


I guess you know the rest :-)

හයියෝ සෙරෙප්පු!

කාලයක් තිස්සේ ඇතිවුන ගැටළුවක් ගැනයි අද මම ලියන්න යන්නේ.. ලංකාවේ දැනට තියන හැම ප්‍රසිද්ධ පාවහන් නිශ්පාදන ආයතනයකම යාවජීව සාමාජිකාවක් හැටියට මේ ගැන ලියන්න මට සෑහෙන්න සුදුසුකමක් තියනවා කියලයි මම විශ්වාස කරන්නේ..!

හ්ම්ම්.. මොනවද ඉතිං ලංකාවේ අපිට නම් සෙරෙප්පු කිව්වම මුළින්ම ඔළුවට එන්නේ රෙදි හොඳන සබන් නම් සන්ලයිට් වගේ සෙරෙප්පු නම් ඉතිං බාටා නේ? ඒත් ඉතිං දැන් කොහොද ඔරිජිනල් බාටා ‍ගන්න තියෙන්නේ? (මම මේ ලියන්නේ බාටා ස්ලිපස් ගැන නෙවෙයි හොදේ!) මම කතා කරන්නේ කාන්තා පාවහන් ගැන.! බාටා වලට පස්සේ සැම්සන්ස් එහෙම නැත්තං ඩී.එස්.අයි.! ඒවා නම් ඉතිං හැමතැනම තියනවානේ..! ඒ උනාට ඉතිං හොඳ එව්වා කොහෙද තියෙන්නේ?????????????????? :(( :(( :((

මං වගේ අහිංසක ළමයෙක්ට සෙරෙප්පු වලට නාස්ති කරන්න තරම් සල්ලි නෑ අප්පා..! මාසෙකට සෙරෙප්පු ජෝඩුව ගානේ අරන් තියන්න ඉඩකුත් නෑ..! ඔන්න ලස්සන බලලා ගත්තොත් එක්කෝ හීල් එක අවුල් නැත්තං දවස් දෙකක් දාද්දි පටියක් ගැලවිලා.. හයිය බලලා ගත්තොත් තව මොකක් හරි අවුලක් මට නම් දැන් එපා......... වෙලා..!

කොහොමටත් මට ලාවට හරි මගේ කකුළට හිර වෙන සෙරෙප්පු හරියන්නේ නෑ..! ඒවා දාගෙන ඇවිදින එක තමයි මේ ලොකේ මට එපාම කරපු වැඩේ..! ඒ නිසා හැමදාම ගන්න සෙරෙප්පු වල මොනා හරි අවුලක් තියනවා..! අම්මා කියන හැටියට මට එක්කෝ සපත්තු හදන මිනිහෙක් බැඳගන්න වෙනවා.. නැත්තං සපත්තු හදන කම්පණි එකක් මටම පටන් ගන්න වෙනවා..!

රබර් ස්ලිපස් තරම් හොඳ කිසිම සෙරෙප්පුවක් නැති මේ රටේ මිනිස්සු වෙන සෙරෙප්පු ‍දාන්නේ මොන එහෙකටද මන්දා..! කවුරුවත් ඔෆිස් එකට රබර් සෙරෙප්පු දාන්නේ නැති නිසා මට දාන්න විදියකුත් නෑ..! අනේ ඒ නිසා මගේ අහිංසක කකුල් දෙක කොයි තරම් දුක් විඳිනවාද..! පව් අප්පා මං..!!!

අනේ මට සෙරෙප්පු දාන්න බැරියෝ...!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dig your heart out

Dig your heart out.
Dig for your hopes.
Dig for your dreams.
For the treasure.
For the love.
Scratching the surface
till you reach
the bottomless pit.
Until your fingers bleed
Because no matter how far
you go
you'll never find
what your looking for.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hiking Kurikoma

And it was coming close to yet another end of a week and I was bored as a lame gay fuck on a lesbian convention !

(stunning ! .. i come up with the wieredest explanations all of sudden... a new found talent :) .. lame gay fuck on a lesbian convention... HA HA HA.. where the fuck did that come from I wonder :O )

anyways.. moving on....

now..on Friday.. I had to sort out some issues with my mobile and Xoom provider here in JP.. Like Dialog, here they have one called AU KDDI ..

I got my arse into one of em shops and set about sorting things out...well... in reality of things, if you don't know how to speak Japanese this can be an absolutely a pain in the ass. But on my previous visits, I met a small packaged girl by the name of Tae (pronounced as "taH Oh) who happens to speak decent English and could carry a decent conversation without crash landing in the middle. She's about 4.10' absolutely a cute example of a normal Japanese girl.

I was even commenting on one of my colleagues that some Japanese girls are NOT MADE to be hot but Absolutely CUTE to the teeth !!!!.. and she was a fine example of such.

Anyways... at the end of the problem sorting session, i just simply said.. "i am bored and nothing to do on Sunday.. wanna go out for a hike? "

And here are the pics of ONE OF THE most beautiful hikes I have ever taken in my life..

Ok.. not my hiking partner.. she's a great sport with a great sense of humor and turned out to be an incredibly intelligent character in the cutest small package I have ever met ! ... also turned out to be a great girl pal to go boozing with :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Probably the Best....

There was an analysis of humans that I read some time ago. It said that Cats live alone..which means they live their lives alone and doesn't depend on anyone else of their kind to keep them company. ... For dogs, they are considered as pack animals which needs a family around them to live and be contend with.

However, humans are considered as Social animals where we need not just a family but friends, neighbors and a whole society in large to be contend and live our lives in.

Now fast forwarding to the present time... in this cosmopolitant and globalized world, people travel around and live in totally different soceities of what they are used to. So, in which point do we feel that nostalgic need of the familiar?

Taste !

That is my weak point. I don't know about others since i am not in their bodies to judge. For me , i long for that taste of the familiar food and aromas where ever I go. I can put up with most of the idiots who inhabit other parts of the world, the odd customs and crazy shit people do differently from place to place..........but i always go on looking for that usual familiar taste of Chillie over killed and spiced up food that sustained me for the last 29 years of my life.

But in time you do get use to the food of the locals.... speaking of me, now I can tolarate the 18 different types of 'sushi' these Japanese pricks eat and go through the barberic ritual of eating pigs and cows uncooked.... and I have come into terms of acccepting that soy souse play the most important part of these meals.

But, I smoke and I consume alchchol...

So what's the big deal you may ask? ... well, again speaking for my self.. I am someone who saavor the taste of what I smoke and drink.

As would be any self respecting smoker and a dipsomanic would confess that changing the preference of these two items are impossible.

And you think that in Japan, finding my flavour would be a brisk?........ OH FUCKING HELL NO.

Incredibaly these sons of bithches do not have Benson & Hedges... great..and the alchchol... they have everything in this known fucking universe except for the beer i tresure and love most. Hence, it was my mission from the day two of my excistance in this land to find them.

As for the smoking... i sort of took a different route considering my health... since I am a chain smoking bastard...I decided to cut down my consume of ciggarets and with much pain changed into a much more milder nicotine percentage pack.

Talking about it.. well, it's a new product by Marlboro. The name is "Ice Blast" Pictured below.

So, what is so Interesting about it? ... well.. smoking this thing is like getting a brick of ice forced down your throat. This ciggeret actually has a small ball inside the filter which you have to BITE down and break before you light this up....

Good point about this is the fact that when you feel ice cold in your throat, you don't have the craving for another smoke for atleast half an hour. Example which you might understand better is that you never smoke while drinking an sub zero cold Coca Cola in your hand right? ... like wise, you don't "feel" like smoking :)

But as for the story of my beer... this is where it gets interesting. :)

Now.. I love my brand of beer.. I only drink it and it makes me more close to home than anything in this world can throw at me...

But finding it was what was an adventure of it own self.

I searched the entire city of Narita from the moment I landed.... and no go :( ... then the city of Oita I turned upside down........still not in sight.

I checked the beer makers web site... i googled... i did everything possible...

Then all of a sudden i got lead for a reliable source (another hardcore dipsomaniac) and "she" told me that if I don't find it in this place, you will never find it anywhere in the whole of Japan.

So the day came for me get down and dirty in "mission find me effin beer" :)

I got to the place.....suitably named "YAMAYA" .... a world of Liquor shop...

I entered and eagle eyed through rows and rows of Liquor of all kinds and makes., later when i did a small calculation i figured that that store actually has 2Km's of racks filled with Liquor !

Somewhere there... I met an old aquitaine of mine Mr. Mendis as well. With hope filled in my heart as I entered the beer section i did an unbelievable thing I have OR rarely done in my life.

I Prayed... !!!!

I looked above, crossed my self and said "JC and GAM.. I rarely ask for things...but this is absolutely, unbelievably, in epic proportionality, utmostly, boombasticly, giga sizely important to me as a fat bitch with a cup cake...... I need to find me my beer inside here.... I want it, I need and I must have it... so either give it to me or I will get my self to the nearest church and piss on you"

and I walked in... searched for nearly an hour...

and hidden under useless useless useless ton of beer brands... THERE IT WAS ... JUST ONLY 18 BOTTLES of the ABSOLUTELY BEST !!

Yes.. it's Carlsberg... Not Probably... but positively the BEST BEER IN THE WORLD !!!

I love god sometimes :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Fishing is just plain damn sin..... you travel, take the equipment which you had already spent a fortune on..... reel it out...wait.... then catch your price and kill it by knowingly starving out of air...

But as with many things in this wretched life...its the sin that never fails to give you the daily dose of "awsomenesssssss"...

So where are we getting at? Well keeping up with Malees fad of posting travel pics, let me take a shot at posting a little of mine...and of the new damn sin of a hobby I picked up.... "fishing". To start off with, I already busted close to 60,000 ¥ getting the gear and i must say it totally worths it. I think the point is more about getting to travel around the country for a purpose (sin or not) and getting to see the "awesom " places while at it.

Well, me and my sin buddy decided that we would not kill the fish we catch but release them back to the water..and buy some already dead fish from the supermarket on way back.....although that is the equalant of dry humping Jessica Alba for free and paying to get a blow job from a crack whore at least we will be free from the guilt of not killing the fish.

So where the jouney starts?  In my own bloody back yard.... currently I am residing in an area where its the MOST beautiful in all of  Japan... and when i say beautiful, its simply breathtaking at every turn of a corner.

I am not going to post any pics of the caught fish...because either that will be just too gross or it would an utter embarrasment :-)  ... but i will post the below pics of the roads that we took to get there....

There are three lakes in these pictures.....since I am posting through an Android widget in my Xoom, it doesn't let me tag or insert lines between the pics..
The lakes are "Lake Izunuma, Lake Naganuma and Lake Hanauama"...all are situated in and around Kurihara ken in the Miyagi Prefecture.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Wonderland is not a place, but a state of mind; take myself for an example.

I am mad as a hatter and quick as a rabbit. I always like to be punctual for appointments and I dislike those who disobey me. But beyond that, I anger myself. I make me want to chop off my own head in annoyance every day and I do it quite often in truth.

I kill a small part of myself every day, but the problem is that I tend to come back to haunt myself. So I sit in my throne: a lonely monarch with no one who loves me and spirits floating by. I sit and wish for some tarts, but then I remember that I stole those from myself, because I am also the Knave here too. The only form of amusement that I can gain is the slight satisfaction of the sound of the blade when I kill another part of me.

But Alice cries out in anger and sorrow, because she (or is it me?) doesn't appreciate the way that I am inducing a mass-suicide within myself. Alice thinks that I need to embrace the positives of these offenders and that I should let them go. But the Queen in me says no, because it is much better to be feared than to be loved; even within my own mind.

Now the rabbit reminds me constantly that time is running out, and as the Hatter contemplates things that begin with the letter "M," I anxiously await the day when I will finally chop off the head of that wretched Alice, ridding my mind of the only innocence I have retained. But then the Cheshire Cat whispers in my ear that I must hurry, before the ghosts of my former selves decide to rise in rebellion and drag me into the belly of the Jabberwocky.

Because when the most dominant part of you is lost, who will lead the shards that remain?
                          But then again...who doesn't like to see Cheshire smile one more time......

Sunday, August 7, 2011

එකයි.. දෙ.කා.යි.. තු...නා....යි.....!

2008 ඉඳන් 2009 වෙනකම් අඩුම ගානේ දවස් දෙකක‍ට එක ගානේවත් ලියපු
2009 ඉඳන් 2010 වෙනකම් සතියට එක ගානෙවත් ලියපු
2010 ඉඳන් ලියනවට වඩා නොලියපු
"Abnormal Minds" අපේ බ්ලොග් අඩවියට
අදට අවුරුදු 3ක් වෙන වෙලාවෙවත්

මොකවත්ම ලියාගන්න බැරි තරමට වචන නැතිව අසරණව දැනෙන හැඟීම ගැන මීට වඩා ලියන්න දෙයක් නෑ..
බ්ලොග් එක පටන් අරන් අදට අවුරුදු තුනයි..
කතාව එච්චරයි!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Smash or Pass

I know many here are not Christians... but just in case if you are, what do you think of this?

Smash or Pass?

Full image

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blast from the past

Pew...how long it has been since the last time I showed my ars over in the blog?...years....?

It was many things...amongst them would be the change of my material status, troubled waters.....troubled times then I guess the cherry in top was my self migraring. Oh yeah.. I am far far away in the east now. Doing the same job, but for a whole bunch of limitless bowing faggot arse son of bitches in a country called Japan.

Life here is pretty darn good...I can't honestly call it brilliant since I am yet to wrap my tounge around three alphabets and whole bunch of loonies who knows nothing else but to sit and work their entire missarable lives....pity that they don't have a word for "fun" in Japan.

I read malees road trips :-) .... if that's the fad in posts these days, I can out do you with amazing stories and pictures from this side of the world...where I am living at the moment is one of the most beautiful places on entire earth I have seen. Trust me, I have seen a lot of the world but nothing compares to what I am seeing everyday on my way to work at present. The 30 km ride everyday takes me pass snow capped mountains, cascading waterfalls, 6000 acre plantation of Apples and paddy, amazing pine tree covered mountains and best of all, a curvy road with no speed limits.

Got free time now and seems that I am over the jaggered mountain roads and riding on flat and easy surface from noe on....so I hope I will be able to contribute back again to the blog........and ar last, let me leave wit the fine art of Japanese Donkey Fucking. :-)