Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How Bizzar ?

Streams of regret twist through my darkened soul. I see the light of reason permeate the translucent haze of my understanding but yet I still cower in the corners. Images of past defeat are the trademarks of my emotional compass. How many times have I wanted to go back? When did the resounding clamor of my promises dissipate??? why is it that I am here again??

It has often been said that hindsight brings reason into a situation. But why is that hindsight hounds me into turmoil? If reason exists in this contorted reality why can't I see it??? I can feel the vibrating chords of regrets chorus resonate in the chamber of my deep heart. I can see the blinding images of my past as they shatter the lens of my soul. Is my existence a metaphor...Is a metaphor my existence??

I see the actions which have driven me to the edge. I can nearly taste the tears upon my lips. Will a clinical diagnosis provide solstice? I doubt. Nothing more. The logical progressions of ideal experiences are intoned in my consciousness. But why can I not follow in the path of such logic? Why must I praise self-destruction like a golden calf? Even sleep deprives me of the escape it once provided. Dreams spit the cold venom of failure into the eye of sub-conscience.

I love, I hate, I rage. Extreme emotions breathe the steady flow of life into the lungs of my mind. Introverted analysis paints a picture of mental calamity. Extroverted expressions wrath the canvass of reputation with the dark brush of insanity, dripping with the black ink of Never Forget. How many visitors to the museum of my soul leave wanting a refund? How often are the painting in my gallery scorned??? Life is...Life was.. Life will always be...

The Usher will seat you now!


  1. Geeee.......is this the same Nash I used to see in EK? Way with word, he has & you have too......but a different outlook, a sarcastic, blunt & controversial N_N in EK Vs Depressed, confused & broken N_N here, bro hope you are only a good poet, a good fiction writer, what you written here are fictitious.........or is it?? How can some one explain a sorrow, without being in that.......sleep deprivation........a common denomination in your post & malee's "Prasna nethi pilithuru" anka 2.............

    Keep the head up bro........dont let it submerge in the sorrow.....we used to enjoy sorrow....really, it feels so good to get in to it than get over it.......but nothing helps......only tears & expressing your true feeling.......

    But this is a fiction............right?

  2. Fiction can be written only when one can dream about it.

    Yet, no one can write about a dream..unless one experiance it for real.

    So, I wrote about a fictional dream. :-) does that give you a hint of my fictional writting?

  3. I dont have any idea how to comment your posts or how praise those..... But I simply enjoy reading those! thats y I share my blog with you! thanx Nash, I really like your way of writting.!

  4. That's something I hate and love about me at the same time.

    I can expand / stretch and pause time....get in that nano second and express it 1000 words. lolzzzzzzz

    I am a time traveler ! taking each nano second as ions of uncountable thoughts !

    I hate it sometimes, because it take an Ion to get out of the thoughts as well.

    Get my drift ?