Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Violin - Play

I sit upon my throne,
Playing my violin alone,
Such sweet sorrow, I've never thought of play,
In silence I play, without a ply

How bitter a soul, how tender a sound!
Serenity in my soul has now been found!
A lulling dream, laced in despair,
From a fearsome dark soul's own nightmare

Trapped forever, in darkened fire,
Without hope of flying any higher,
In tainted wings, I hide in sin,
With my beloved violin

The notes float desperately to the Heavens above,
Daemonic grace, a monstrous love,
Who knew I could cherish her like so?
Decadence of sound from soul of hell below

Hearing the echo's of my own sound, I recall,
The tragic day when the angel did fall,
A tear proclaims great lament within,
To separate Oneself from Their beloved kin

A noxious moment, a wretched breath,
As I listen to the sonata of my own death,
A beautiful plague infests both ears,
Upon every note that beckons

Lo and behold, a great polyphony of strings!
Enough to rip me apart with sadness,
The sounds now bind me, like horrid chains,
And you may feel the soul's pains

It is difficult to know how a soul so infernal,
Could produce such beautiful music, eternal,
Perhaps I have never lost my heart,
to produce such wondrous works of art

Look to the sky, and embrace the rain,
Listen to my eternal disdain,
See past the fire and the burning coals,
And help me to free the withered soul


  1. i read this trice to understand what it is trying to say..what i make outa this is..somebody(nash_node)lol ..who has won all the things he would want yet mourn the passing of his beloved..so he finds something he thought he lost back with his violin ..violin can be a metophor am i right ..he plays his sorrow away with his violin so that it would help him to carry on despite what he's lost and he could find some solace within his own play ..so he could have a way to express what he's got inside dwelling the feeling for her which still linger in spite of her death
    meanwhile it implies that love he had for her was somewhat forbidden and that might have caused her death that he feels he's guilty..sinned..

    pls correct me if im wrong lol i know it's not fair to expect an interpretation from the poet but i realy like interpreting others works lol and needless to say this one was so tempting that i just couldnt let it behind ..you are good at this @ nash_node

  2. this is amzing!! thry words and rhyming is just so carefully done..i just wanna read it over and over..really amazing..

  3. two thumbs up mate! :D I can see the beauty of sorrow....nicely done :)