Friday, October 10, 2008

tHe MiLe HiGh !

The smell of your body is on my skin

I inhale the memories.

When temptation and satisfaction finally met.
Tender kisses turned to tight grasps holding the edge of reason.
As two became one all the pent up tensions exploded.
In a frenzy of heat and sweat and grinding,
Faster and faster we raced to the finish.
Breathing each other in with every move.

Into you........Into me...

All air escaped you in a clenched gasp,
As you came till all I could see where the whites of your eyes.

Still convulsing you unlatched from me,
And we lay in a heap exhausted and entranced.

Until next we meet again in another another time......

I will remember how your smoothness tasted.
The shot of adrenaline your electric touch sent up my spine.
That intoxicating stare you threw at me,
How you caught my core and wouldn’t stop.

Till you were done.....

Any readers here got Mile High membership ? :-)


  1. I'm confused about the title.
    Is this about the Mile High Club :-D

  2. @ Haresh

    Sad about what?


    And I guess you didn't fully or (really) understood what I was trying to say ...or said

  3. Trust me I tryed..but the freaking hostess turned in to a guy..Arrrr...

    I had second thought on keep trying...