Monday, October 20, 2008

In GOD we (dis)Trust

And I was at a Church last Sunday !.

Can you believe it? ... me?? in a Church ... after getting damned by GOD himself ? ... almost a controversial issue.

Anyway, the truth being, I had to wait for some complete idiot who's suppose to be one of my next clients and chose non other than the house of god to meet me. The reason being, he didn't want any other's to see him with a lawyer and just (MAY BE) he thought I would be completely honest with him fearing GOD him self looking at me inside the church ( puh !... he surely doesn't know me)

However, while waiting for him, I just jotted down something in my note pad.. and going to pour it over here, just that so I can torment your brains a little as well. Nothing of my usual extensive vocab usage.. just thoughts that came from time to time.

GOD and Us

I sit here.. watching men and women both young and old walking pass by me. Kneeling down.. crossing their selves with the holy signature of god and might be saying "God may have peace upon me" or the worst of cases like mine ... "God dude, just forgive my sins will you mate ?"

What is god ? , what is faith ? What is destiny ? what is the sole purpose of us humans having the thing called religion ?

There's no God in this world, I seriously believe it in the core of my own prudent and stubborn self. I believe that goodness and the wickedness alike lives inside all of us at different degrees and different scales.

Humans are also stupid. I believe that. Because I am one good example ! But I see my self as a stupid brat also. Rejecting the norms of stupid humans sometimes. I believe in a thing called True Love as well...Not one night stands or banging for the heck of it.... yet to find that illusive true love, I must travel a long way I suppose. ...............but I really do believe that there's no god in this world, they are all fakes................ Fake as Fish in a fish bun sold at our school tuck shop back in school days.

Gods.. the word GOD.. represent the prime and solid weakness of our own selves as humans. What do GOD's represent... Incomparable Perfection. From Jesus to Allah to all what nots of gods that have ever roamed the illusive sub conscious minds of humans.

We cling on to the hope of perfection that we can never achieve.. and create some mighty powerful GOD whom has achieved it. The absolute perfection.

yet, to be on the safe side.....

Compadre... I have sinned. !! May his holiness the god bestow his limitless compassion upon me and salvage my soul out of the depths of hell.


  1. wooohooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Nash @ a church ! Lolzzz
    a guy who banned by the church!

    all the blog readers go n read these


    kk back to the topic after fun time..!

    what I believe is god no is nobody but our own selves...its in our heart..we can be a god or a devil its up to us...we can achieve it..!
    I can ,you can, We can....!

  2. that's why specifically mentioned...

    Almost a controversial issue

  3. may be they are doing it to get near perfection. :)