Friday, October 3, 2008

A poem about Guns

A poem about Guns...

Boom boom boom boooooom
BOOOM booom BOOOM boom
BOOOOOOOOOOM boom booooom
Boom booooooom booom boooom

Ironically, is there anything MORE to be written about guns ?

They make a sound "boom" ..

Poems should be written about dead people or survivors because of GUNS... not the GUNS them selves.

They just make a sound.. BOOOM


  1. hmm

  2. So why don’t you write something about the person who make fire from the GUN.
    Without that person there isn’t sound called “BoooooM”.

  3. Hope you can remember this....

    "Technology leads to power
    Power leads to greed
    Greed creates resentment
    Resentment breeds hate
    Hate Breeds war
    War breeds destruction"