Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thorn Birds

A little Legend which I remembered while replying to a thread in Elakiri. Thought of putting it down here.

"It's about a bird... a bird named as the Thorn Bird

The legend has it that... from the day hatches.... it looks for Thorn trees... when the bird finds it...the perfect thorn tree with the perfect thorn....he sits among the savage branches and sings the most beautiful song sung by any human or animal in the world....

So beautiful that the world stills to listen and gods them selves in heaven smiles down upon the bird....

But... he sings that song inflicting his heart right through the most sharpest and the perfect thorn that could kill him....and he bleeds his heart to death towards the end of his song.

For the legend also says... the best in a man can be bought forward when in dire pain.... in pain enough to kill him bring the best of him out to the one he truly loves"

That's the legend.


  1. මේකෙ මොනාද තියෙනෙ කියලනම් මන් බැලුවෙ නැහැ. බලුවට තේරුනෙත් නැහැ. ඒක ගැන නෙම්යි මේ දාල තියෙන නම ගැන කියනේ."Tthorne Birds" කියන්නෙ Colleen McCullough ගේ පොතක්. අනුල ද සිල්වා අනුවර්තන්ය කරලා තියෙනවා "කටු කුරුළු හඬ" කියලා. මන් කියවපු ලස්සනම පොතක්. පුළුවන් නම් හොයල කියවලා බලන්න.හරිම ලස්සනයි

  2. @ Maranaya

    I read that book some 8 years ago :-) ...

    Yeah.. indeed,...it's still one of the best works I have ever read !

  3. Nice story Nash thanx :-)

    great things come through great sacrifices...

    Hard times ! we all have to go through it ...but what we do.. we we are after that thats what necessary..!

  4. Never read or heard about the Thorne Bird, but reading this brings some long lost memory of a short story I read written by Oscar Wilde. Did some research & that is "Nitingale & the Rose", a wonderful peace, an intensely depressive story about a bird who makes a white rose red the same way as thorne bird did. Thanks Nash for bringing back the memory, wonder what thread in EK bring this thorne bird to your mind............

  5. @ jay - I hey I have read that story..!

  6. @ jay !

    AHA ! The Nightingale and the Red Rose !! ..

    I think I still have that short story in some huge book I got as a B'day present when I was small... and if I remember correct.. there's a line at the end which goes as

    "what a silly thing love is...said the student as he walked away" !!


    Apart from that.. what actually bought this Thorn Bird into my mind was some love birds having a fit of a agony over at Elakiri !! :-)

  7. @Nash

    Yeah, I think he says that as the girl still refused to go out with him, even after giving her the red rose..........sadest thing is, no one knew about the birds sacrifice

  8. @jay

    See... WOMEN !!

    Bastards aren't they ?

    Take us...men for example!

    So pure and so true aren't we ? :-) We don't have hidden agenda and speak our mind out.

    When I am elected celestial PRESIDENT for the entire galaxy.. I am going to BAN women !

    ahem ... ahem !! :-)

  9. excuse me gentle men..! what are you going to point out by a one story ? and you Mr Nash! wanna do that ? OK do it and see how much you r gonna suffer from it ! I bet you cant even think abt it! :p