Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Me and My Drawings

Well.. guess what peeps ! .. I got my hands on a scanner :-P .

So just thought of showing my incredible skill of beautiful hand drawn cartoons .. bu ha ha ha :)


  1. Hay nash . .

    be sure not to show these amazing cartoons to some news paper author he he he . . . . .

    these are too good men . . .

  2. Just brilliant man! Totally agree.

  3. buhahhaha!! Finally Mr.Mosquito got a artistic eye ha.? hikz..! Nicely done machoo
    I like the 1st one most!

  4. i never commented you blog posts before except that crazy malee's posts. & yeah am totally agree with duka.
    these cartoons are too good for this filthy media.

    keep it up buddy. well done..!