Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Wonderland is not a place, but a state of mind; take myself for an example.

I am mad as a hatter and quick as a rabbit. I always like to be punctual for appointments and I dislike those who disobey me. But beyond that, I anger myself. I make me want to chop off my own head in annoyance every day and I do it quite often in truth.

I kill a small part of myself every day, but the problem is that I tend to come back to haunt myself. So I sit in my throne: a lonely monarch with no one who loves me and spirits floating by. I sit and wish for some tarts, but then I remember that I stole those from myself, because I am also the Knave here too. The only form of amusement that I can gain is the slight satisfaction of the sound of the blade when I kill another part of me.

But Alice cries out in anger and sorrow, because she (or is it me?) doesn't appreciate the way that I am inducing a mass-suicide within myself. Alice thinks that I need to embrace the positives of these offenders and that I should let them go. But the Queen in me says no, because it is much better to be feared than to be loved; even within my own mind.

Now the rabbit reminds me constantly that time is running out, and as the Hatter contemplates things that begin with the letter "M," I anxiously await the day when I will finally chop off the head of that wretched Alice, ridding my mind of the only innocence I have retained. But then the Cheshire Cat whispers in my ear that I must hurry, before the ghosts of my former selves decide to rise in rebellion and drag me into the belly of the Jabberwocky.

Because when the most dominant part of you is lost, who will lead the shards that remain?
                          But then again...who doesn't like to see Cheshire smile one more time......


  1. Gah! Just sing Twinkle twinkle little bat, How I wonder what you're at.
    That should shut up the Queen and Hatter and White rabbit. Also chop that annoying Caterpillar's head off if he asks you "Who are you" one more time.

    But yeah Cheshire cat rules! :D

  2. Still in love with Alice? good!!!

    i dont have anything else to say!

  3. others are trying to put ma dormouse into the teapot :(

  4. @ bingo...lol..door mouse into the tea pot? Ha ha......that's a very good one...will note to quote that next time to a girl my self :-)

  5. cheerzzzzzzz!!!! (already dozed off)