Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to cook

Ladies and Gentle-mans,.. please sit back, relax and carefully see the deliceeeeeiouse recepies of Japanese cooking.

I must warn you though..,the following recepies are crazy hard to make and i had to study then point perfectly for more than one month before I could even undesrand the sheer gravity and the hard work that goes in to making these dishes.

It's never like our easy Sri Lankan cooking... if you really think about it..SL cooking are for pussies !!!! Because its just dam easy. Japanesw cooking is an art form that takes years and years of practice to get it perfectly right.

So, without further adue,.. here are some recepies you might like to try out.


Cut beef,
Dip in soy sauce and Wasabi
EAT!  ( yes, no cooking..just eat)


Cut fish,
Dip in soy sauce and Wasabi


Dip in soy sauce and Wasabi


Grate vegitables
Dip in soy sauce


I guess you know the rest :-)


  1. sounds so tasty :p

    BTW this Wasabi means red paste little bit taste like "lunudehi"?

  2. green and made out of so e plant..

    Its not hot...its just something that makes your tongue go "aaaaaahhhhhhhrrrhhhhhhhhhhWTF WTF WTF WTF"

  3. really? so boring! where the fun in cooking like this :P

  4. yum yum yummyyyy!!!!! good for ur tummy.... :)

  5. @niroshi

    On the contrary... this type of cooking is really pretty good

    If you think about it... we actually OVERKILL the food we eat. So much spices and what-nots go into making the dishes that we hardly know the real taste of what we cooked in the first place.

    And to double it.. these japs have SUPER tongues (as I call it) .. they can actually eat something (specially meat) and tell which area its from or what country its from just by the taste.

    They actually TASTE the food than tasting the spices and chilies like we do.

  6. Just a guy - thanx for the explanation... :-)

  7. @male

    Ain't that "guy" so helpful
    :-) :-)

  8. The beef part is pretty fucked up. How does a raw cow taste like anyways, Nash try it (if you haven't already) for the sake of my curiosity.

  9. අංකල් මේ මනුස්සයෙක් ප්‍රශ්ණයක් ඇහුවම "උසාවි උත්තර" නොදී ටිකක් මොලේ ඇති උත්තරයක් දෙනවකො! බීෆ් බීෆ් රස නැතුව චිකන් රස වෙන්නේ නැහැනේ නේ?..! :p :D .

    btw මං හිතන්නේ ඔය විදියට කන්න කලින් ඒ මස සීසන් කරන මොනා හරි කරනවා නැද්ද?

  10. It has to be somewhat precooked, there's no way they could just eat it as is and live as long as they do.

  11. @malee & Shane

    Well., it was not a court type answer.. i was just taking a swing at it.

    But.. if I may elongate the answer.

    Actually it's eaten raw. No pre- cooking.. no seasoning . absolutely no preparation what so ever.

    To make your taste-butts dazzle again. Today I ate a sort of a different type of a dish.

    It's Avocado mixed with Soy Sauce (nothing is eaten without that shit)... Raw Pork meat and Leeks :)

    Taste revolting and sick? .. well surprisingly it did taste rather nice :)

    I guess the whole concept of your reluctance to believe in it may come from the fact that we (Sri Lankans) view such acts as Barbaric.

    True in a way..but then again., if you view this practice from a point of "better actual taste and raw goodness" I think it's quite pretty justifiable.

    Come to think of it.. WE ALSO do EAT salads, fruits and all the rest of the crap RAW right? .. and claim it to be healthy.??? .. only difference is that these Japanese taste-butts are still use to the most primitive of human cravings !!

    Taste of Blood :) ....

  12. this post confirmed me that i should have born i do have tasted raw fish....and ya amma did call me barbaric .....

  13. @bingo

    So I see that you are in Camp Edward?

  14. Ah yes.... one girls eternal battle to choose between beastility or necrophilia :-)

    That entire Twilight thing sounds to me more like a very bad porno script that went even more horribly wrong :-)

    But her last novel "host" is pretty OK compared to her twilight series. Read it if you get your hands on it.

  15. bro i didn't get you.. :( besides um nt a twilight fan.... :)

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