Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Fishing is just plain damn sin..... you travel, take the equipment which you had already spent a fortune on..... reel it out...wait.... then catch your price and kill it by knowingly starving out of air...

But as with many things in this wretched life...its the sin that never fails to give you the daily dose of "awsomenesssssss"...

So where are we getting at? Well keeping up with Malees fad of posting travel pics, let me take a shot at posting a little of mine...and of the new damn sin of a hobby I picked up.... "fishing". To start off with, I already busted close to 60,000 ¥ getting the gear and i must say it totally worths it. I think the point is more about getting to travel around the country for a purpose (sin or not) and getting to see the "awesom " places while at it.

Well, me and my sin buddy decided that we would not kill the fish we catch but release them back to the water..and buy some already dead fish from the supermarket on way back.....although that is the equalant of dry humping Jessica Alba for free and paying to get a blow job from a crack whore at least we will be free from the guilt of not killing the fish.

So where the jouney starts?  In my own bloody back yard.... currently I am residing in an area where its the MOST beautiful in all of  Japan... and when i say beautiful, its simply breathtaking at every turn of a corner.

I am not going to post any pics of the caught fish...because either that will be just too gross or it would an utter embarrasment :-)  ... but i will post the below pics of the roads that we took to get there....

There are three lakes in these pictures.....since I am posting through an Android widget in my Xoom, it doesn't let me tag or insert lines between the pics..
The lakes are "Lake Izunuma, Lake Naganuma and Lake Hanauama"...all are situated in and around Kurihara ken in the Miyagi Prefecture.


  1. For some reason, the pics look like shot when posted... do 't k ow what's wrong, may be the whole widget thing is a bit crooked..

  2. මොකක්ද අවුල???? :-S

  3. i FEEL DAMN j....!!!! jjjjjjjj!!!!

    back to bed good night all!!!

  4. thumbs up for 3rd,4th&6th shots....cheerzz for u n ur sin buddy!!!!!:)

  5. Serious question, is it hard to deal with Japanese people?, you know, was it hard getting used to them?

  6. @shane.. serious answer.

    Never ever try to get to use to another race of people other than yours......

    Let them get use to you.. for an example..I never bowl I never even try to speak Japanese and yet to date never followed any of their traditions...

    Let them get use to having you around as who you are. Simply for the reason that no matter how and what you try you will always be and treated as an outsider.

    So stick to your own self