Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Trogging or Trogg... I did'nt actually looked up the correct definition.... but i guess it basically means "slow and aimless walk"

What began with a slow trog in the early human civilization slowly turned into riding on animals...then carts.....etc etc...and now the Bugatti Veyron which we have today.

But heck with all that... the basic point here is that right now i am travelling in a shinkanshen ...that's the name the Japs call their bullet trains..

Now, from the moment I got my self here, in have been travelling a lot in these ..may be 10 - 12 times up to now....but every time I travel in these I still get amazed by the sheer speed and the velocity that this hulk of metal haul to and from people from place to place.

I think...up to my knowladge these Japs have the fastest of these trains........ at 350 kmph ...its always a breathtaking ride :-)

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