Monday, August 15, 2011

Hiking Kurikoma

And it was coming close to yet another end of a week and I was bored as a lame gay fuck on a lesbian convention !

(stunning ! .. i come up with the wieredest explanations all of sudden... a new found talent :) .. lame gay fuck on a lesbian convention... HA HA HA.. where the fuck did that come from I wonder :O )

anyways.. moving on....

now..on Friday.. I had to sort out some issues with my mobile and Xoom provider here in JP.. Like Dialog, here they have one called AU KDDI ..

I got my arse into one of em shops and set about sorting things out...well... in reality of things, if you don't know how to speak Japanese this can be an absolutely a pain in the ass. But on my previous visits, I met a small packaged girl by the name of Tae (pronounced as "taH Oh) who happens to speak decent English and could carry a decent conversation without crash landing in the middle. She's about 4.10' absolutely a cute example of a normal Japanese girl.

I was even commenting on one of my colleagues that some Japanese girls are NOT MADE to be hot but Absolutely CUTE to the teeth !!!!.. and she was a fine example of such.

Anyways... at the end of the problem sorting session, i just simply said.. "i am bored and nothing to do on Sunday.. wanna go out for a hike? "

And here are the pics of ONE OF THE most beautiful hikes I have ever taken in my life..

Ok.. not my hiking partner.. she's a great sport with a great sense of humor and turned out to be an incredibly intelligent character in the cutest small package I have ever met ! ... also turned out to be a great girl pal to go boozing with :)


  1. Happooooo!!!! HIKING!!!

    No comments! :(

  2. mn this time all i hv to say is UM GREEN WITH ENVY... :)...I LOVE HIKING....cheerzzzzzzzzzzz u lucky uncle.... :P

  3. ah! Uncle...!! :o :0

    (shiikeee!!! අපි නම් ගගේ පනිනවා මෙහෙම නෝන්ඩි වෙන්න උනොත් නම්!!! )

  4. @bingo..

    You godless mother f---king piece of sh--t, next time I am down there I am gonna find your fu--king sti--ng piece of son of a bi---y a--- andi am go na kick your a--- till you have to open your mouth to shi.---- you son of wh----re. You calling me Uncle? You pubic ha---le---ss--mother f--ing co.. su---ing fu--ed up bi---

    Ahhh..phewwww...that got a load out of my chest :-) .. but then again in reality how old are you to call a 29 year old an Uncle?

    If you are below the age of 16, I will forgive you and also BAN you from reading this blog as it usually contains language not suited for minors ( refer first phara for exaple)

    If in case you are between 17-19, I will still consider forgiving you simply for the fact of your hormones are still not in proper order and i understand the sudden dilutions that come with it.

    But just n case if you are in anywhere of 20's.. I ha e one thing to say...

    GO HIDE! !!

    I will hunt you down for the mamoth insult you threw at me.. :-) <-- that's an evil smile

  5. @malee

    Riiiiight...... should I mention that you are older than me? :)

  6. HAHA you got 1 year to call yourself whatever you like to call yourself man, hit 30 and you're uncle.

  7. ay ay !!!! doing AL's this year... actually i still have to finish ma chemistry paper then um done with that...oi u don't have to call me all that fucking names ma chemistry sir is also 29 and he calls me ''duwa'' ..:P

  8. @shane - Got 1 year for that :)

    @bingo - LOL !.. you a still nappy head with sealed lips ! ... (eeer.. maybe I should't make dirty jokes with a toddler...)

    and as for your chemistry teacher.. that chap got issues and probably needs to get laid more often ;)

  9. I AM NOT A TODDLER...u jerk....

  10. 2+4 = 6

    2+9 = 11 =1+1 = 2

    in this way i can be elder than u! :-/ grrrr!!!

  11. @bingo - Exactly my sentiments on your first comment, yet in a more vocal and a grown up version of it... which I appropriately noted down for your reading pleasure.

    But then again, anyone who still doing their Chemistry papers are defined "toddlers" in my view.

    @malee - :) ... I dearly hope you will not barge in and do the Robin Hood thing

  12. Nash I didnt get u machang.. but i think its better to stop the argument.

  13. @malee

    I know it's (the exact phrase is not "unethical") .. but I say "not good" to pick on a small kid...

    But, I know from the past that when I sometimes stats to do so with other people you tend to barge in the middle and save the victim "Robin Hood effect".... Just like what you did now with the

    "but i think its better to stop the argument." Line

  14. LOLZ got it !
    ok this time no more interfering!!

    but it really thing that this little lady ms.Bingo should consider about her studies without having useless arguments with this "uncle"

    me off for sleep!

  15. @malee

    And you call me Uncle too?

    I did mention previously many a time that I genuinely loath you sometimes right?

    At certain times I cannot actually side you clearly either foe or friend.!

    BASTARD ! :-)