Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blast from the past

Pew...how long it has been since the last time I showed my ars over in the blog?...years....?

It was many things...amongst them would be the change of my material status, troubled waters.....troubled times then I guess the cherry in top was my self migraring. Oh yeah.. I am far far away in the east now. Doing the same job, but for a whole bunch of limitless bowing faggot arse son of bitches in a country called Japan.

Life here is pretty darn good...I can't honestly call it brilliant since I am yet to wrap my tounge around three alphabets and whole bunch of loonies who knows nothing else but to sit and work their entire missarable lives....pity that they don't have a word for "fun" in Japan.

I read malees road trips :-) .... if that's the fad in posts these days, I can out do you with amazing stories and pictures from this side of the world...where I am living at the moment is one of the most beautiful places on entire earth I have seen. Trust me, I have seen a lot of the world but nothing compares to what I am seeing everyday on my way to work at present. The 30 km ride everyday takes me pass snow capped mountains, cascading waterfalls, 6000 acre plantation of Apples and paddy, amazing pine tree covered mountains and best of all, a curvy road with no speed limits.

Got free time now and seems that I am over the jaggered mountain roads and riding on flat and easy surface from noe on....so I hope I will be able to contribute back again to the blog........and ar last, let me leave wit the fine art of Japanese Donkey Fucking. :-)


  1. today early morning I had to log in to my blog to post a comment in someone else blog. When I saw a new post in English the very first thought came to my mind was some stupid has hacked my blog! :P
    coz I never thought that u would write this blog again... what I was thinking about u was either u r having a peaceful wedded life or u r in JAIL!

    Bang! that's what I suppose to mean by :-S..... :D

  2. So you are such of a friend that never thought of looking out for me if I was in jail...atleadt to bail me out. ..tut tut...shame.

    Well, I never did stop reading the blog though...I just didnt have neither enough time nor peace to contribute.

    Now....well, as the song says, I got the devilish glow and the flow again with enough time to kill :-)

  3. Yes I am a that kind of a friend..! :-)

    taatta dude...! i'm off for my office.!
    nice 2 have u back!!

  4. Back from nowhere...
    It's good to read your lines again. Hope you'll continue.

  5. some one is back from the cage.... some how we missed that stupid D*** head.even after getting millions blames doing nothing.
    welcome back machan.. looking forward to read you.