Monday, August 10, 2009

Work in Jeans

I have always been and most probably always will be a HATER of "finely dressed working gentleman". But please don't get me wrong, my worn out set of jeans are usually Original Levi's and my "kasada" T-Shirts are normally either Hugo or Armani and my usually "blow your nose off" perfume is nothing less than Boss- Blue ! ..

But still, I hate finely clothed people.. especially in an office.... "YUKEEEE"

The day before, I was sitting in a waiting area of a "so called" prestigious office waiting till they fix my phone ... and right in front of me a crash meeting broke out between some employees of this office.

It happened to be some sassy looking and expensively dressed three ladies and finely dressed two gentlemen with all the bells and whistles in their attire even down to glimmering polished shoes.... There was I, in my usual "kasada" jeans and a "hadu" T-shirt with my almost worn out Bata slippers during my lunch break from office. ... Listening.

The so called little meeting was getting hotter and louder. The ladies were commenting that the "whole issue must be taken up with the board of directors" ... "we have to confront them when it's most appropriate" .. and the guys joined in "we have to present the matter in the best strategic way we can" ..... "They will surely ask us to submit a cost sheet for this and we will have to make it in a way that it show's profit rather than a loss" ... blah blah blah ... etc... etc...

So, one of the ladies got a call.. and she said to the others "meeting is scheduled at 3 pm today" ... so everyone who was there in the little group whipped out their Rs.40,.000/- ++ smart phones and punched in the schedule quickly with smiles of satisfaction... and they left.. leaving one guy still doing something with his phone... when another collegue of his stopped by and asked "machang, what's the meeting about? "

For he answered..... "Machang, it's about getting the TEA at 10.30 not at 11.00 as we do now, we thought of requesting the board of directors to move the tea time to 10.30"

Ok, honest to god (which I usually don't oath in the name of god) .. I had to bite my tongue till it blead trying not to break into a hysterical fit of laughter.

HOLY MOTHER FUCK ! .. those chaps were talking SOOOOO much and planning sooooo much about getting the tea half an hour earlier? DUDE... if you want to have a tea.. get your fucking ass out of the office and get a cup of tea if you can't wait for half an hour more ! .. do you need a MEETING FOR IT with the board of directors????

Alright, getting back... I guess the whole problem with these people are they are just too damn OFFICIAL or FORMAL for their own good. I thank my lucky stars what all of the bosses whom I had the honour of working under were always the type who prefer to wear jeans to office than any sleek suit.. and I made sure I stay away from bosses who thinks formal wear and tie is a must to make you a better worker.

What I really don't understand sometimes is this... Don't get me wrong here actually. I mean... Doctors are professionals, so they need to wear good and presentable... Lawyers, well.. we have an official dress code regardless of whether or not we like to stick to it. Then there are other "professionals" like scientists, engineers, medics, etc etc whom needs to wear good and some have a dress code to stick too.

But WHY ON GOD'S NAME that some two bit fricking manager of a private company have to strangle his neck with a tie and these sales executives who go out in the blistering sun doing sales have to wear such an awful uncomfortable attire to be and look "FORMAL" ?

Is it just a problem of EGO ? .. Take granted that "tie" is actually made as a clothing item to close your shirt colliers together so heat won't escape (in colder countries) .. and we.... at 40 fucking something Celsius wear ties just to be "FORMAL" ? Can't we invent something better? more relaxed sort of cloths to wear than to get stuck up like canned beef in boiling water with long sleeves and ties?

Women... OH ! .. they are smart ! .. really !.. I give my due gratitude and respect to the fair sex in this regard. Everyday their skirts are getting shorter and neck lines are getting deeper. They do look sexy every passing day and I am pretty damn sure they must be much at ease in formal clothing than of us men.

Or.. you can be like me. A rebel against fine formal cloths. I am renowned as a fagot who newer wears the top button when I am wearing a tie... and notorious for crashing into courts wearing shirt-tie-coat... and JEANS with combat boots.

May be it's just bad... or may be I am just abnormal. But I just HATE to see people wearing so stuck up formal clothing in blistering sun and trying to look soooo important .. cause they are NOT ! .. so get over it. Wear some cotton shirts and slacks to office for a change and see if your customers will think low of you... In my opinion, a customer only looks for service, not your attier !.. or atleast I do !


  1. The meeting does sound such a waste of time!

    Anways, IMO don't really care about the tie and I hate it; but I believe one should wear it when meeting a customer (but this depends on who the customer is, and what you are selling). I believe if a service organisation, one should be properly dressed - i.e. shining shoes, office trousers and shirts (short-sleeved whatever shirt - no t-shirts)

  2. Im in ur boat bro... but sometimes this isn't work, specially in SL

  3. I also prefer to wear jeans and Ts but for work; they need me to wear a fair suit which they describe as a long sleeved shirt and a trouser with polished pair of shoes. That's the way it is. It's common that lot of people judge the person from his outfit no matter what they hear during the morning to night fall from their gods or agents of the religion.

    It's always as that. Lot of talks but nothing practical.

  4. Hah! I dont have to wear formals to work :D Thats one advantage of being a geek - jeans are our defacto standard. Actually come to think of it I dont even own more than 4/5 skirts.

  5. hehe hilarious post!

    Though corporate culture in SL sorta takes after the west in trying to look and act important. Most corporates here expect employees to dress up and it sucks. And yes I also do fall in ur 'two bit' band wagon! but i do not call meetings on tea service!!!

  6. i like wearing formal :D power trip..heheheeh... but yea, salesmen in the head in ties? CRAZY!

  7. IT never occured to me until you talked about this, ie Women getting smarter, it is a fact!!!
    More than my profession, the industry I work & have been working, let me wear jeans & T'shirts, but smartly (I dont say eht the labels are), your way of thinking mary take it's roots once the paradigm shift from Western thinking took place. I think the recent developments paved way just for that!!!