Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is it that we love?

Most of my posts got a question mark.. ever noticed it? May be that's the whole point about me writing things.. I write when I need to explain my self something, so I no surprise in starting with a question mark.

I guess when we in our mother's womb, its the first time we must have felt love. Don't you think so? To actually feel her love towards you and she's doing everything take care of you while you are still growing inside of her. They have found out that all babies have an incredibly keen sense of voice, feeling and touch when born and able to instantly recognize their mother's and father's voice. So... may be we all did start loving when we were still unborn embryo's.

We are born, grown... and we find love in all around us and even in the most unexpected places you can ever think of. "Why Judge" , "Performance", "Strangers".

Love does have several dimensions or vertigo's or which ever the way your want to define it. We fail, we win, we cry, we kill, we fight, we remorse and of course after all that... we still stick to love as if there's nothing better in the world even if we our selves know that it has the tendency to make us more sadder than happy at any given time. I of course has gone through all bad the ugly and the beautiful phases of love. I guess went through more of the ugly part than the beautiful part "Lunatic"

But, we humans, we need love.. we long for love and we crave for it. No matter the advices of "once bitten twice shy" etc etc.. we need love and we do everything in our vested power to get at it. Either by family, friends or... looking for that special someone to fall in love and dream about. Love certainly has the power to drive you up the wall most of the time.. but discarding the minus side of it.. love is an eternal flame that burn inside every soul which needs to be addressed properly by any means necessary.

People who know me better knows' that I am the last person they can expect to talk or write about LOVE of humans or that special love you dish out to only one special person. But lately, to make things worse for me, I am currently engaged in a bid of love war between two females !

One happens to be an extremely beautiful 10 year old picky eater with the sweetest smile I have ever come across and the other happens to be her highly volatile, extremely unpredictable but just so adorable, cute, sassy, gorgeous mother of that sweet smiling girl.

What is that really absorb us to this whole Love business?, even though we just know it might be temporary and it might just not going to work out.. and definitely you will end up getting fucked up hurt and deserted somewhere down the line.... yet you just hold on to what you have right now and take everyday at a time... and just LOVE each and every day of it.

I know, August 22nd is going to be one of those days that I will dread to wake up to... when these two girls will be leaving my life and flying off cross half the globe and crossing many oceans... god only knows when I would see those two again !

May be I will cry, may be I will just take it like a man and accept the inevitable or may be I might just do some crazy ass stupid thing like calling a bomb threat and getting the flight grounded atleast for another couple of hours so I can be with them. May be I will propose (though I know she's going to reject) and will threaten that I will kill her if she doesn't accept... or may be I will abduct that sweet 10 year old sweetheart and call up "marry me and stay here or the kid's get it" ransom call.... Who the fuck really knows??? all I know is that my mind is working overtime right now trying to figure ways of delaying the "inevitable".

I really don't know why to tell you the truth, "Women" who are capable of touching my heart always seems to be leaving me. In literal sense, I am an utter failure when it comes to "love" ... may be it's the god's way of making sure that I pay for my sins or some spook of love disaster omen is tattooed to my forehead.

She's going to reject me point blank if I propose ! .. I just fucking know it. Funny enough, I know the damn reason as well.... cause she had proclaimed that I deserve better than her ! ..

How the bloody hell you can say that to another person eh? .. I mean, there should be evidence for it (or am I just talking like a lawyer?? ) either way, she's hell bent on leaving me for my own good and nothing so far I have come up with (the so called plans) to keep her back doesn't seems to be working.

So, I guess it's time to take dreadful measures ! ...

Excuse me ladies and gentlemen fellow bloggers, I have a 10 year old sweetheart to abduct and demand a ransom of blood money from her mother !...

Wish me luck and pray that I won't end my butt in jail for it !

Nash (soon to be convicted and jailed)_Node... over and out !

Cheers !


  1. Why so worry about the jail ha? Isn't there a way you can get your ass out even got caught? You are so ashamed to be called as a lawyer. :D lolz!

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  3. Well at least you wont have to pay millions to lawyers when they put u in jail! :P
    On a more serious note, perhaps we love when we see a side of us in another person..No one knows! Thats why we find it so beautiful :)

  4. Not again Nash...pls do not allow to history to repeat!