Monday, August 31, 2009

Holding On

When you said you'd be there...
I believed you.
You never told me to leave,
or to forget your memories.
I remain with you,
unforgotten and loyal.
Your eyes fixed
to the plastered cement wall,
unseeing and unfocused.
I gaze gently into them,
finding serenity and peace.

But I find myself falling
for ever into an abyss
of your mind.
Why won't you tell me?
What is on your mind?
You won't look into my eyes;
you won't smile, grin, smirk.
The tranquility I find diminishes,
into a nothing so cold and stoned
that I cannot begin to imagine
the pain one would feel
with such dreadful feelings.

Do not let go;
I am here with you.
You may not want to tell me,
but I will be here for ever,
holding your hand,
whispering your name.
Stay, perpetually.
And I will never stop.

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  1. Oops.. poems from Nash... No comments..
    but I can tell you one thing nash... either your in a very very Happy mood.. or in a deep shit... whats it ha?