Monday, February 16, 2009

Tilvin Silva Admitted to Hospital

Fresh-in-news from our reporter Mr. M.A.D. Dawg covering the recent elections informed us that Mr. Tilvin Silva of JVP has been admitted to the General Hospital after collapsing from hysteria and uncontrollable diarrhea !!

Commenting on the incident Dr. P.Maarasinghe released an official statement that Mr. Tilvin Silva is in stable condition and so forth has been bought by the ICU crew of the hopital re-playing the 2004 elections results over the inhouse TV for Mr. Silva to watch.

It has been speculated that Mr. Silva has succumbed to this dreadfull state by avidly watching the elections results which was absolutely not in his favour at all.

Mr. Wimal W.W was not available for any immdiate comments and we are receiving un-confirmed reports that Mr. Vijitha Herath, Mr. Hadunneththi and sadely Comrade Kumara Dissanayake had aslo commited suiside.


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