Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cinderella ..... +18

Hope non of the readers are below 18 years of age... and they are grown up enough to understand the difference between humor / sarcasm and Porn !

Once upon a time there lived a sad little girl named Bob cut hair hoe. She lived in a great old castle with her Stepmother and her two very very UGLY step-sisters, Rupawathie and Bakalawathie.


Due to the censorship of my retarded fellow blogger who is still a 54 year old virgin.[[ ahem ]] ... she fiercely objected me posting this BAUUUUtiful re-mix of the old fairy-tale in here which had minor political biasness.

Hence, I am reluctantly compelled to ask you free thinkers to come to my own blog and read the rest of this BAUUUUUtifullll story !

click here for the rest of the story


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. ඊඊයායායා...

  3. ඊඊඊ.. යායායා ....

  4. lolzzzz......

    Oh !! ... you buggers are NO FUN !

    stereotype !! damn you all !

    Haaa haaa.. lolzzzz :-)

  5. අනේ නැහැ
    තව කතන්දරයක් කියන්නකෝ

  6. What to say... Fucking lol ;)

  7. Thank God malee had the nerve to say "NO" to post, W#% , you woke up from a horny dream???
    Knowing you, I was expecting a funnier twist of Cinderella, this is plain boring, utter filth!!!!

    Keep your blog clean malee

  8. da hel...:eek: hey Nash am still 16 + men!! LOL!! :P:P Keep Writing... :P:P

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