Saturday, November 15, 2008

Walk on By

I walk to relieve the pain,........... I walk to be found
I walk to clear my head,............. and I walk to be profound

I walk to find myself, I walk to find help
I walk to find the innocence I once had,......I walk to find my lost soul

I walk to know how I feel.
But I am lost and find nothing

I do not get what I reach for, what I scream for

So here I am wanting more,
Reaching, hoping, tormenting, loosing &........ Lost,



  1. It's the nature
    to me it's the same
    the desire to find more
    and more that doesn't exist
    it's the tiny thing leads us
    to our never ending needs

    Finally you'll find yourself
    sitting under a dark tree
    with bothering tired...
    thirsty and hunger
    thinking of what you had
    and lost
    by the foolishness of yourself
    of finding more than you got

  2. You always shut my mouth with your writtings. did the same with this one toooooo...
    You always discribes confusion of mind in a really nice way.

  3. lost in darkness eh?

    u hav expressed it nicely:)

  4. @haresh

    Nice reply bro !

    I would edit the last two lines like this to suite me better I suppose

    "By the foolishness of my self
    Trying to find more than I had"