Saturday, November 1, 2008

For the Picture

Playing with matches, they burn the suburb
From the ashes, will our phoenix rise?

Dancing with rifles, we’re kissing cannons all the time
Desensitized, is it violence they love so much?

Running with scissors, they might poke out our eyes
Believes they will get a brand new sight

Edgy, aren’t they?
Finger on the trigger
Lingering on Killer instinct
Letting the bullet be the singer
And hum a song of destruction

Violent violins
Molotov melodies
Soothing the beast in them
Shredding our flesh, sharp Do-Re-Ti

Artisans of their self-destruction
Architects of our self-delusion
Partisans of radical solutions
Painting landscapes of desolation


  1. You always know how to get best use from a word Nash!
    Xcellent! thats all I can say at the moment! And this reminds me the 2 poems u wrote to EK long time ago. When I read those I went out of words. coz at that time I didnt knew that Nash is a guy with a sensitive heart. But now I know so these type of poems from you is not a magic! It always shows ur talent.keep i up Bro..!

  2. Extremely pure flow of poetry there. Great talents bro. Keep it up, read few more of ur write ups, Worth reading !

  3. \m/

    u knw u shud write more poems :D
    ur flow n vocab is great!

  4. Apart from the poem, as I always say You are a genius in using word to it's maximum meaning, sometimes it takes a long time for me to get what U say for sure. Poor me :(