Monday, June 1, 2009

Bold head !

It was a Saturday !

a night !

..... a cold... rainy.... drunken night !!!

around 1 am !

So... drunk was I ..

The weapon of choice.... my Electric shaver !

Set to 3 mm !

I shaved my beautiful hair off !

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

No kidding !

I am fucking BOLD NOW... maaaaaaaaaaaaan....

It's great to feel no hair on the head.. and I look like a total THUG now !

Nooo.. heck no !.. I am not going to post any pics of my "thattey"...

Malee is going to kill me and praying that I should meet with an accident (fetal one) since I didn't even show her my new "Gajini" hair do fashion statement !

Writing much later !

After much threats.. showed it to malee over a web cast !..... I think she's still recovering from the fit of laughter !

Poor her.. last I heard.. she was admitted to the hospital with difficulty in breathing and unable to stop laughing !


  1. හූ....! මෙන්න එක්කෙනෙක් කොන්ඩේ කපලෝ....!!!!

    Dear god! pls protect this drunker from police..! Pls dont send any new clients to him until he grow his hair.. coz nobody will like to get service from a thug on behalf of a lawyer.. amen!

    අනේ මේ බ්ලොග් කියවන කාගාව හරි පරණ සීයලා ගාව තිබ්බ නැමි පනාවක් තියනවා නම් නෑෂ් ට යවන්න .. මේ දවස් වල ඒක හරියටම ගැළපෙන්නේ නැෂ් ගේ මුණට...!

  2. Jealousy !

    So so much J !

    of my new stylish sexy hair cut !

  3. fooh! වැඩේමයි..! අනේ බොල තෝ වගේ මැටි ගෙම්බෙක්ට මං ඊරිසියා කරන්න..! අනේ පල පල යන්න..සෙක්සි‍‍..! හූ...! මචෝ...උඹට තාම වෙරි ද කොල්ලෝ...! හූ.....!