Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to loose a B'day?

It seems that I have developed a habit of putting posts with a "questions mark" heading ! <>... talk about a questioned filled life !

Now.. for the last 20++ something years (yep.. 20 ++ something.. not 40++ something as many think) .. I have had the pleasure of waking up on a particular day and let people greet me "Happy B'day".. and receive about 30 - 40 sms's ... and of cource participating in my Mother's annual "alms giving" on behalf of my B'day !

Though I never had a fancy bling bling B'day party for all these years, I never do regrett it... I would rather use that money on the Alm's giving more than boozing up free loaders ! . Now, if any of you does know.. I am Hybrid when it comes to religions and my mother is a devoted budhdhist (which explains the alms giving.. and religion is a complicated issue in my family)

But, sadely ! .. I am going to loose my B'day this year.

It's a complete loss I mean !.. it's totally going to be erazed from my Calender as it had never excisted at all.

Which does bring all to a complex problem of how can loose a day? ... if you are planning to terminally injure your self and spend the day on ICU... still you would see the B'day !...

Sleep is also not an option ! ...

Well.. simple !

I have my flight plans confirmed ! .. and this is how I am going to loose my B'day !

I am going to fly to a far Western country (eastern side of the world -GMT !) ... far...far away... and spend some time there for work.... Take a flight to even further !!!

The board a plane at 11.20. pm.. just 40 minutes prior to my B'day.. and fly back to India ( western side of the world +GMT)....

and land on the next day !

I do have a transit... but that transit is hop-to-hop from plane to plane !

So... physically.. I will turn to my correct age...but technically !

I never excisted on that particular day of my life !

Does that means I get to stay another year in my same age ?

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  1. :( :( :( haiyoo! cake! අම්මාගේ නොම්බරේ දීලා පලයන් කොල්ලෝ.. මං එයාගෙන් වත් කේක් කෑල්ලක් ඉල්ල ගන්න..මොකෝ 20++ කියන්නේ තට දැන් 30++ නෙවෙයිද :P