Tuesday, June 30, 2009

B.Day Wishes to a Nice Guy with a Wild Heart!

Yo My Buddy....!

Wake up U Kammeliya....! :P

Now dont say "Mona wadayak da yakoo Nida ganna deepankoo...." :p

U know what..I bought U these.... :D

U know Y?
Ya ya...! coz Its Ur B'day..!
I wish u a


after all these greetings..! Lets Be.....

Wish You a Very Happy Birthday my dearest fellow blogger Nash_Node...! I dont know at the moment where the hell /heaven u are...!
where ever U r .. My greetings are with u....!
I met u first @ EK thread by GT abt a banned song...! when I saw ur Looong comments what I thought was "me mona ibbekda me..." never knew that, that ibba gonna be one of my best EK buddies after all.. One of the greatest guy who got his own veiw abt things.. who care abt others than he himself but never shows it in open.. so all the rest think "mu nam maha kupadi yakek" but the people who knows nash knows who he is...! So .. my dear deamons advacate :p wish u all the best for always...!

Thankyou mate for all ur support and advices u gave me during past times...! yeah sometimes life is hard.. get ups and downs...! yet we have to live it to the max! I am Happy +Proud to count u as my friend for always and ever....!


  1. bro,
    HaPpY BiRtHdAy !! !!! !!!!

  2. Happy birthday machan......

  3. සුභ උපන් දිනක් වේවා . . ජීවිතයම සරු වේවා. . .

  4. Happy Birthday dude..................
    So, before you know it, you reach the half century....what an achievement!!!

    Lets celebrate this in September

  5. happy happy birthday Nash!!!

  6. @Malee

    That would be "Devils' Advocate" :-)

    Thanks for the post and the wishes girl.. and all the people who wished me here above me.

    Just got back to SL in the morning ! and logged in.

  7. .:: H A P P Y B I R T H D Y ! ! ! ::.

  8. @Malee
    shall i share your wish with mr Demon

    wish you a wonderful year of happiness mate... have a blast..

  9. ..::H4PPY B1RTH D4Y N45H_N0D3::..

    (ops.. happy day after the day after ur birthday)