Monday, January 12, 2009

Pain Killers

Something I wrote long time ago

Why do you need painkillers ?

To KILL pain ?

Pain is a suffering which has no static boundaries or set parameters.

Pain transcends beyond physical attributes of a person and can sink deep into the core melting point of any living human.

People in general are stupid, irrational and selfish. They inflict another person with such pain and suffering of immense magnitude without even realizing for a god damn nano second that you might be KILLING the "other" person...who is /was and will be an unlucky bastard to be at the receiving end of all.

I hate and despise such people, such people who are inconsiderate to the "other" persons feelings. I can simply write off "Those" people as a mutation in the Human Gene Pool... REMOVE THEM..wipe them off from the face of the earth.... for fuck sake ! .. such people are diluting the goodness which was evolved through millanias of evolution and fucking the human behavioral instincts and systems.

People should understand that giving "another" person PAIN is not acceptable. It's not necessary, not normal and in many cases it is totally unacceptable. Mother fucking bastards who practice this religion should understand all this and find a balance with set boundaries. Limits of what is acceptable and unacceptable.

Don't give me pain. I don't want it and I don't like it. I am neither a sadomasochist nor endorse such behavior at any given point in my life. But when you push me over the edge of buffer zone, I get violent. And when I get violent, I am not a pretty site to be around !

I love chaos, I love it like their is nothing else in the world to me, but I am a very dangerous and unstable person with a disease of the mind and a uncontrollable body when in rage. So I beg you to be prompt and decisive about the things you do and not let them escalate into life and death situations.

So leave me alone, I don't want PAIN from "YOU" and don't fucking piss me off.

But coming to the first topic " How do you KILL pain ? "

You can't KILL pain, you simply have to withstand it by all means. (without loosing your temper) or start hammering down each and every bitch and bastard in your scope of view !


  1. Oooops..! I think I have read this before... probably from EK..!

    Well to be honest I am one of the person who gives pain to others..! :(

  2. PIA = Pain in the Ass

    That is something that no pain killer can kill,

    So, try not to be a PIA

  3. While we are on the subject of pain…!

    Lets look @ one other pain in the world… Parent pain….

    Nope … Sorry dudes,

    This is not about the pains we always ‘Claim’ parents give us…
    about the pains endured ‘BY’ parents :)

    Children are Soooo selfish & inconsiderate by nature that they think of their own pains & complains & points their fingers at the outside world but the whole time they create much much pain to their parents….!

    Though I may not get to know in this lifetime… A pain a mother suffers is at the beginning of all …. The They say that when a mother gives birth the pain is so extreme that if she had a way she would probably kill herself.. but the love for her unborn baby, the new life she sooo longed for soooo long… drives her on... (You’d relies this pain in a minuscule way it if you ever had a case of constipation. :) You want to put it out but it does not seems to want to come out :)..
    Remember this is no match at all for giving birth to a baby..! just a small example.)

    Any way Lets talk about the pain a mother & a father endures afterwards…To mare a very long list short …Babies are such a pain in the …(you know where),You’d NEVER EVER understand until you have one yourself…

    Any way during the growing years, when the parents suffers lots & lots of stress taking care of the baby, providing for it, feeding , bathing, cleaning all the yucky stuff, etc etc etc…(The list is soooo long u’d probably fall asleep on the key board :)

    Later the way parents suffer when their children does not seem to want to study & want to be stupid mutts .. is very deep burning feeling….
    How can one be sooo inconsiderate & selfish .. after all the hardships the parents have suffered in His/Her name. Every Muscle, every Bone in their body is made up because of the parents.. at least they could do some genuine study so that the parents will know the child will not beg or steal to survive when they are no longer around to see them.

    The bottom line is we owe them our lives.. Lord Buddha has said, If a Strong person keeps his Mom & Dad on his shoulders & feeds them, cleans them (When nature calls), Bathe them for 100 years.. Not putting them down for a moment…. Still he has not paid off the debt…!!!!

    We may feel many different pains in our lives.. What ever they are, we should remember that the first ever person who felt pain because of us is our parents.. Even before we were born….! And what ever we do in our lives there are 2 people in this world who NEVER stops feeling pain because of us…

    They are our creators !
    They are our living GODS….!

    May they be well & happy.
    As well as WELL can get….!!!
    As happy as HAPPY can get….!!!

  4. Pain is pain when it comes. It push us to be so alone or may be destroy the whole space. Nicely written Nash. As always. :)

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