Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Humans- Declaring my stance on them

First things first...

I know.. this is a LOOOOOoooOOOOOooooOOOOoooOOOng entry full of text and no doubt it's going to be really boring.

But I showed this my fellow blogger before posting it (malee) and asked her opinion.. she simply said "hamuduruwangen bana ahuwa wage" .. so yeah.. it's boring.

But just posting it :)


All beings of humanity are simple-minded and ignorant. Short-sighted, confused and oblivious. By definition, we are all idiots, and denial of and oblivion to our own idiocy is further idiocy in itself. My own growing up was the process of learning and personally coming to terms with this, the plain truth of the world.

Humanity are, arguably, a step up from animals, intelligent enough to come up with all matter of invention, and appreciate an awareness of themselves and the capacities of their brains; but not intelligent enough to seek anything worth seeking, and always working towards their own destruction. Many millions of years before the world becomes naturally uninhabitable, we will have died out, killed ourselves out, committed suicide in our own idiocy. What will become of the world? How many millions upon billions of years will the universe drift on, lifeless, until some miraculous occurance again chances the development of some doomed, idiotic lifeforms, or perhaps, an optimist might imagine, one more intelligent than us humans, to live out their life without meaning, to be for the simple purpose of being? It is not worth the time of day to ponder these things, and my intention is not for you to contemplate such an irrelevant matter.

In the days of our youth, we are presented a simple, idealistic world, perhaps in the hopes that these lies will install in us all some hope, some faith in humanity that may last us through our adulthood, for the better of the world, for progressing, more meritorious generations, and for a brighter future. Of course this is an unrealistic notion. All this dies out in our education, as we naturally collect knowledge from those around us. We lose hope in anything but ourselves, and many of us, in ourselves. We reach for whatever we can, searching for some purpose. Some cling to money, some to religion, some to further education, but in the end nothing is achieved, and we simply live out our lives as any other meaningless creature on this earth. But, I am becoming derailed.

I do not see myself as a pessimist. One who, by definition, sees the worst in everything, is incapable of believing in things good; I believe myself to simply be a realist. I see things as they are, and as they are, there is little good to be seen. However, I do not see this as cause to despair. I am positive of nature. Not an optimist, believing in the general goodness of mankind, that justice will always be achieved in eventuality; I am simply a critical sanguine. I see the world for what it is, deal with it, and find a happiness not in reality, nor in unreality, in dreams, ideals or hopes; simply in itself. Happiness can only be found in itself, if it is to be in any way true. Happiness in anything else is a careful construction of lies. But in a world of ignorance, it is arguable that there need be little differentiation between such false happiness and true happiness. I suppose it comes to personal preference, and I have made mine clear.

If you are under the impression by now that I view myself as superior to rest of the human race, or even a large majority of it, I would like to make it clear right now that this is by far, a false assumption. I see all the world as equally stupid. Not necessarily in the same way. We all have strengths and we all have flaws. But in weighing up, we are all as stupid, in one way or another, as each other, myself included.

My intention was just to share with you my own view point of "things". which includes many of the mortal things as well as how I see GOD and all it's cumulative conspiracies. Every human on this earth has a story to tell, however effectively they can tell it. None is more worth hearing more than any other, and this is not of particular relevance or importance to yourself.

These things are simply to be written for the sake of being written, just as we live for the sake of living and must find happiness for the sake of happiness. It’s a story of learning by the primitive process of trial and error. Defining existence by the process of elimination, abolishing all foolish belief in the significance of concepts such as sentiment and spirituality in defining the meaning of life.

Of course the clear and logical solution is that there is no meaning, as I feel I have already effectively established.

But I highly doubt this as any simple minded male ignorance either.


  1. මොනව කියන්ඩද අප්පා. මටනං ගිරික් බාසාව වගේ. සිංහල බාසාවෙත් මහප්‍රාණ අමාරු මට මේක ගැන කුමන කතාද.
    මේ වගේ දේවල් කල්පනාවට එන්න ඉතිං ඔය කියනව වගේ අස්වාභාවික මනසක් තියෙන්නම ඕනි තමයි.
    ඇත්තම කියනවනං සමහර වෙලාවට මටත් එක එක කල්පනාවල් ඔලුවට එනව. ඒත් ඒව ලියනව තියා ඒ මොනවද කියල තේරුම්ගන්නත් කලින් නැතිවෙලා යනව. ඒ අතිං මුන්නැහැ දක්ෂයෙක්.

  2. Yes I told that its like “hamuduruwangen bana ahuwa wage” But I didn’t mean that this article is boring. What I wanted to say was it is some thing really worth reading and gives us something really value to think about. And of course I am not always bana ahana type lamaya but I only listen selected bana which are down to earth with out traditional rubbish.

  3. Amiable fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.