Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I listen to the rain falling gently on the roof. Spreading a shimmering curtain over the world, it washes all clean.

As I sit enveloped in the sound, I imagine the rain carrying away conflict and strife, leaving behind a blank slate. In my mind’s eye all evil is washed away by the ceaseless torrent of water. The rain cleanses me as well, filling my mind with a sparkling stream. As the stream wends its way through my consciousness, it carries away the cobwebs and the dust along with all emotion. As long as the rain persists, I will continue to feel nothing, to be blissfully empty.

I am as a child; innocent, uncomplicated, and wondering. I will exist in this fragile state, wandering over the freshly cleaned earth, until the rain halts and the glittering waves of water finally flow out to the shining sea.

However, until then I am content to let the rain wash over me and cleanse me.


  1. Really enchanted writing. good one as wel as a true story.rain is like a gift of divine, to wash over all sins, sorrows etc....