Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Year 2008

My Year 2008

Going to write this without the use of my usual extensive Vocab :-)

Life :

Harsh, Good and crazy at times.

Found out that courage under fire is a gifted thing only few people posses and feel lucky to be one who does.
Did'nt feel the whole year just whisked by me, guess I was just too busy doing things I was not suppose to do at all.

Got drunk too many a time and paid the price for it even more many a time for it. Almost ended up in Jail for beating the fuck out of few people.

Won many cases, lost as the same. Made a kill for the bill my passion of time passing and generally happy with my performance at work over the whole year.

Love :

Fell in love, fell out of love... still hurts... still cry about it sometimes.. but well over and passed it.

Had too many of the opposite sex to mingle around... but decided it's not the best always to so called "fuck around".

Found out that sometimes "love" is never under our control.. but some cosmic ass-hole who controls things for us.

Thought of making this whole "love" business a xmas/new year resolution this time around.
Fun :

Oh.. it was fun indeed... Too great of a year for it. (as said above) got piss drunk too many times.. fought, got beaten, beat back, ran around, renewed old bad habits.

Upgraded my limit to 2.5 bottles of Black "neat" ... YE ye ye YE .. I repeat.. "NEAT" you envy fuckers... NEAT !! .. bu ha ha ha !! ..
call me a Alchohol VAT the hell I don't care ! ..
Friends :

Posting this in a friends' blog.. so it shows how the friend "factor" went this year. .... Met new peeps over a Forum called "elakiri" .. most are fuck-arse stupid dick heads.. but a hand full are fit enough to move around !
("hail the almighty MALEE") my fellow blogger + Friend + Nice Girl+ Cute Chick + තොසේ Lover + Day Dreamer+ Fantastic Poetress+ Every Man's dream wife (too bad to note that title is reserved by some other (un) LUCKY chap now)
Lost a very close to heart friend (Raji') .. snifff.. snifff..... moved out of SL to live in Canada.. (will always miss you sweet girl) .. you have always been a real heart-to-heart close chum to me from the first day I saw you in LC ! ...... Sorry for always making fun of your fat ass and the collusive boobs !
never with envy.. but all with love I made them - I-know-you-know.. but thought of making it a point to note it down here :D
Family :

Gave a few close heart-attacks to Mum during 2008. But no worries... she's still alive :-)

Had some nut cracking fights with my weired bothers. (ass-holes) .. but all in all.. an un-eventful year for the family section of my life. All things are just as the same I remember them to be.

God :

Got banned from the Church..
Got Condemned from the god.

Signed a new contract with the Lucifer ! Renewal to be appointed at the end of my life time.
Now I am a full time "devils advocate" - How fun !!

Now for the list - As done by a customary thing from my childhood (as first forced by my mother)

I here by Oath my self to abide by the following during the year 2009 .. so Santa will reconsider removing my name from the blacklist and bring me presents next time.

1. Drink Less (water and milk only)

2. Lie Less (about lieing)

3. Write an autobiography about me (book publishing to be sponsored by the Tobacco company)

4. Sleep "less" with girls (Try to keep awake more than now)

5. Drive Slowly (on traffic hours)

Now for the real once I thought of doing.

1. Read more - Seriously more

2. Learn Meditation - To kill some stress

3. Take time off from work more frequently and travel - Around Sri Lanka

4. Try to find Malee's Twin sister - Since the original once is now reserved..lolz

5. Make a donation to the army - Something really worthwhile


  1. 100% neat post.........bu ha ha ha
    my 4th comment for ur bolg

  2. Oh God Nash! what a post! and thank you for the compliment ! :p well I miss u too dada...

    well to be honest YOU are the greatest found I did for year 2008 my Twin Bro...;)

  3. Hello Nash,
    Well you appear to have a 'normal' life. I saw your resolutions and I thought I would write to you.

    You have mentioned 'meditation'as a method of relaxation. You are so right!
    I am not talking about Buddhist meditation. Meditation can be done by any one. In our mind thoughts come and go. We can handle one thought at a time. When thougts come in rapid succession they tend to over lap each other. Then the problem starts. There is the begining of the mental problems such as anxiety depression, you name it! all are there. If you stream your thoughts by reducing this bombardment of thoughts, then the problem is solved. There is a little gap between each thought. MEDITATION IS NOTHING BUT INCREASING THE GAP BETWEEN TWO SUCCESSIVE THOUGHTS. Buddhists go further and increase the powers of the mind.

    I can suggest an excellent little book with a CD with it. Meditation - Brian Weiss (you can get this from
    God bless you.

  4. One thing struck my I a "fuck-arse stupid dick head" or one of the "hand full are fit enough to move around" you met on EK, I'll go with first category, where I belong..............

    "Make a donation to the Army"...........mmmmm........Things change, people
    change...........isnt that true????

    BTW you are one of the interesting (or should I say most interesting)characters I met in 2008

    BTW,BTW I'm J

  5. At last something we can read and understand without a dictionary!