Monday, December 29, 2008

Dark Dreams

The music which haunted me last Saturday Midnight... starts...

I sit and stare at all before me, contemplate and wonder. What does it mean? It doesn't actually matter, I should just put my head down and flow through as I ought.

But no! I shant!

I ought to bite at the hook, do what I wish and when I wish it, grab this world and make it do my bidding! But is that sane? Possible? I really don't think so.

However, a man can dream....and I do dream--and life is so lengthily short. Crying has three things--Sickness, sadness, and utter joy. I only want to experience latter yet I seems to thrive on the former !.

It's far past that, and have seen my entire existence on this confusing ball of rock. I look at the stars in the sky and wonder--

has someone called me back to the real world, the world I know, no dreams, just work.

Work. However, I constantly gaze back, gaze back to the dreamworld, gaze back to what I wish and want so dearly. However, time has told that the unattainable is within perfect reach, dreams are literally paralyzing, so I must tread softly in this unimaginably strange place.

And the Music Continues .....


  1. "Music is all around us..all we have to do is just listen...."

    Wonderful solitary music part nash thanx for sharing it + Nice imagination...

  2. Sometimes it takes us far away making us lifted from the ground to the mystery world. Realization is the next part always for me. But not sure of course.

    @ Malee - Shared? What Music? Am I missing something?

  3. @ හ - switch on ur speakers or headphones :)