Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bonsure from swiss

Hey all people.

Just me.. dropping a line.. and a small update sort of.

Well.. landed in swiss and went to the interview as well...they are giving the final word on Wednesday.. so awaiting till that to see what will happen.

Hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

Oh.. yeah.. just a small teaser for you all.... the normal (slow) internet connection speed here is 20mbps .. and broadband is jaw dropping 60 mbps

lolzzzzzz ... imagine the speed of loading the internet pages and... imagine if you (me) all had that kind of speed back in Sri Lanka.


  1. Hey Nash... its soooooo nice to hear a word from u...!!!!

    hw r u doing man? seems to be great!!!!

    Njoy ur stay take care ...!!!

    ah ur interview.... U will definately get it bro....!!!

    net connection Go to HELL!!


  2. We missed you man

    Good luck with the outcome,

    whtt matters, is getting the maximum out of wht you have (Speed)


  3. wish u all the best macho! hope u will fly high ;)

    oiii u dint reply to my damn pm :S


  4. good luck mate!! hope swiss 'chocolate' taste good!!