Friday, May 29, 2009

How much does a bus ride cost?

So.. actually.. how much does it cost?

I remember when I was little and the schooling days, I loved going in the big red double decker bus which went from Maharagama to my school.

Although I was just walking distance of 10 minutes from my school, I deliberately went with my father a round trip of nearly 30 minutes to get to the High level road and catch the 6.45 red double decker bus to school... which took another 40 minutes to get to school.

So, in short, when I could have slept a bit more and leave home at 7.15 to school..... I left around 6.15 almost a 30 Km's round trip just to come in the double decker bus with my friends !

Let's come to the present time.. as of Yesterday.

There was I, rushing to meeting with my client which we set up at 9.30 to meet up in my office (with my boss as well) .. and I had to make a little de-tour to pick up a package in Dehiwala.

10 minutes on the Galle road towards Colombo.. what did I see?.... A BIG FUCKING RED DOUBLE DECKER ahead of me !

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............DUDEEEE.. I gotta ride this damn thing I thought.

So, I overtook the bus... raced ahead for about 5 minutes and stopped as Wellawatta HNB car park.. got out and Gave 500/- bux to the guard there and told him to keep the car and will be back in 1 hour.

When I finally came to the road... SHIT.. the bus had skipped the red light and over taken me... So took a trishow 150/= to catch the bus. Got in and went straight to the upstairs seats.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan..... I loved every damn second of it !... took me back nearly 10 years and was swimming in the memory lane of events. Made a total ass of my self cause I jumped from seat to seat.. and at last was standing on the front of the bus enjoying the view.

Even waved at everyone going by (people might have thought I am really fucking nuts)

Got down from Pettah... took a cab back to HNB which costed around 800/- bux and went to office 2 hours late !

2 hours late and to meet a furiouse and fuming boss cuase I stood him up and the client. Had to listen to another 2 hours lecture and blasting !

The cost of the bus ride of 1450/- .... 2 hour delay and another 2 hours of blasting.

But... HECK !

Loved every second of the bus ride


  1. lolzzz. dude..! u made me laugh! hoooooooo!!!

    The bad thing is I have never got in to a double decker bus.. :(

  2. you should man... you should !

    It's fun.. I loved going in that school bus when I was little !

    It was my wake up cup of tea in the morning.. and if I miss it, the whole day was gloom and doom !

    lolzz... try and see.. cause if I am not mistaken, the bus had started from your Bus depot to Pettah

  3. *Jaw drops to the keyboard*

    You've just beeen ripped off and ur happy go abt it!??!?!

  4. @lost soul

    oh.. come come now !

    It's not the money !'s the feeling man !

    Its the feeling for doing something... besides I am diagnosed to be suffering from "compulsive behavior disorder" (read one of my below posts.. so you will get the hang of it)

    So.. no wonder I do crazy shit out of the blue..... pray that you don't brush the bad side of me when I am about to go on another CBD frenzy !

  5. I like your damn writing style Nash.
    Keep it up man!