Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hero ? Cowered or Madman?

Since of late, ironically if one calls someone a "Madman"... I can relate to him with ease, since my self is one ! (Nash Laughs out really LOUD)

However, moving on with the subject here ! .. I am talking about the small man who did big things and died in the strangest way possible ! ..

Yep the chap who Malee was talking about in the post below me and whom we rejoiced the death over... V. Prabah !

The first and the foremost question I should answer is whether or not am I happy about him being dead? .. HELL YEAH I AM ! ... bloody hell.... I am happy as if I had a foursom with all the top line up of Bollywood diva's ! :-) ! ...

But whatever said and done, I felt a complete sense of honour and incredibly .. a sense of pride for having such a man treading this land.

A man who started with nothing even with pretty much low level of education, went out to build the most ruthless and the most biggest terror network the world has ever seen. Hitler, Mussolini, Che, Castro, Lenin are nothing but little sparks of bon fire compared to this thermo nuclear bomb of this man's abilities and his terror magnitude. !

And simply for the fact that he fought till the end ! ... till the every end (regardless of the conspiracies circling that he was captured some time ago and killed by the Forces... I am merely taking account of "WE" the general public being informed that he died by the hand of our forces while still in the battle filed)

So, he's a Hero ? ...

That depends on the way you look at it.... as Nelson Mandela once said "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"

So I guess pretty much he will be remembered by the Pro LTTE folklore as a valiant and a brave leader who fought till the end for his people and died in the battlegrounds !

A man who fought for the injustice against a vicious government and scarified his life and of his son's !

Him as a Cowered?

That's the way most of Us... the Hypocrite gang banging racist Sinhalese would want to remember him.

Common ! .. don't deny it... I know many who does ! and WANT him to be remembered like that ! Especially the government propaganda.. since it already started force feeding people of that thought down their throats since last week.

What I want to remember him as ?

Simple ... a Hero who turned into a Mad Man !

Don't say that you seriously thought he had no way to escape right? a man who bought the latest weapons and even planes and submarines to this country... if everything had failed, he could have built a bridge to India with all the people he was holding hostage and escape !

But, no.. he didn't ! .. he fought till the end. He was with his people and his mission till the end. A hero in all accounts ! ..

Do you think if the tables were turned, our Mahinda would have stayed? .. SHIT NO ! . .. he would have been in America 3 months before even LTTE set foot in Colombo.

What we have to understand that there are some people, when they truly believe in a cause and a mission.. there's just no option to change them back. You cannot bribe them, you cannot intimidate them, you cannot force them.... they simply live to see their dreams come true.... or to watch the world burns if not !

My only regret is... and hope is.... may such a leader be born amongst us again.. and this time let him be on our side of things building the country !

I know there's no point in saying "rest in peace" of that man ! .. but still ... One salute from me for being a man of his word.... and fighting till death for what he believed right !

Regardless of him being a bastard of the first degree ! lolz


  1. beyondframe taboo subjects binku life next abnomal minds support who you desied it ..........


    මිනිස්සුන්ගේ ආතල් කඩන්න එපා මැට්ටෝ!

    to the 1st anonymous - I/We/Abnormal Minds Blog is not supporting any groups/ political party or any other thing! I personally believe that all of we got a freedom to think and talk freely. If not what is the use of this so called peace? so in our blog we are writing what ever we want. if its disturb u. I kindly request you to stop reading this blog!
    with regards,

    Anonymous 2 - තරහා වෙන්න එපා!බිංකු විතරක් නෙවෙයි මේ බ්ලොග් එක ලියන දෙන්නා ඇර බ්ලොග් ලේඛයන් සම්බන්ධ කිසිම අපහසයකට‍ මෙම බ්ලොග් එකේ ඉඩ තියන්න මම කැමති නැහැ. ඒ නිසා ඔයාගේ කමෙන්ට් එක මම අයින් කරනවා..!බිංකු ගැන කියන්න තියන දෙයක් එයාගේ බ්ලොග් එකේ කියන්න. නැතුව මේ බ්ලොග් එකේ ලියලා තමන්ගේ කොන්ද පණ නැති කම හැමෝටම ‍ පෙන්නන්න එපා!

  3. I dont think of him as a hero turned madman - I can only think of him as a madman who was also a genius.
    However I agree with malee 100%. We should be able to say what we think. If we all thought the same whats the bloody point of writing a blog anyways? Should we all become 'yes men'? Don't we have minds of our own?

  4. @ Anonymous

    Dude, there are things in the English language called "Punctuations" the likes of (,."";:?!`) ... try using some of them the next time and you might get the idea of what you want to say to the others !


    Dude, what the heck is going on? .. who are all the Anonymous chaps lurking around ?

    BTW. Talk for your self.. cause I support a group and a political party.

    The group is called "sensibility" and the Political party is called "World without idiots!"


    Madness is like gravity ! .. all you need is a little PUSH !

    No one goes MAD unless you get that "push" towards it ! .. then it's just a case of free fall towards the abyss of insanity !

  5. Oh malee what the hell happen to you?
    As my view v.Prabha is a clever leader, planner & manager that's all in his good side.
    But we can't say he tried to liberate Tamils.
    Most of people trying to say he started this because of Sinhalese. But if it's true.. why the hell Alfred Doreappa become his first kill?
    No he didn't need to be the Liberator of Tamils. If it's what's happen to PLOT, EPDP and other teams.
    He just want to be something else.

    "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"
    Yes it's. I'm one of that one man.

    What I want to remember him as ?

    Simple ... a Cheap man who tried to become a Hero by forcing people to think so!
    Don't say that you seriously thought he had no way to escape right? a man who bought the latest weapons and even planes and submarines to this country... if everything had failed, he could have built a bridge to India with all the people he was holding hostage and escape !This is completely insult to Our forces. Do you think our forces played ball at the war zone? hell, If he could use these weapons what he had I can't imagine could happen to Sri Lanka.

    I don't know malee. I thought u just telling ur Abnormal. Not only that ur bit crazy. "Bit"?

  6. Interesting viewpoint. VP did however start off his 'cause' by assassinating a Tamil. The justness of the Tamil cause is beyond doubt imho...however VP did decide the immoral path of violence.

    Calling VP a hero would be the same as calling Hitler a hero. Before you say that you can't compare the two, one of Hitler's primary driving motivations was the 'raw deal' he thought Germany received from the Versailles Treaty.

    I have to agree with Niroshinie on this...VP was a genius, he was charismatic, but he was no hero.

  7. Anonymous, Thanks for your wonderful comment that shows your wide knowledge of ourselves and social. Why don't say word that broke Nash~Node's post? Thnaks for showing that noone can break his words.

    I am supporting to the group of "කාසි දාරය" and "බුවාලත්ත කැවුම් සන්ධානය" Political party.

    Anonymous 2, Wow! Comeon dude! write that comment every posts too! Come On! Thanks dude! (ක්ශේරුකාවක් ඕන නම් පිනට දෙන්නම්)

  8. Nash - I have no idea about these anonymous commenters. I like to call THEM as cowered ppl who dont have a back bone to stand for their belief with a backbone!

    Oops sorry for talking abt urself without ur permission :p

    MR.T.J Ranasinghe - My dear reader! before u talk, make sure what ur going to tell is at least 99% correct! make sure whether u'r point at the correct person or not! Go back to the post & check who has written it! then talk! dont give me any chance to call u idiot coz I really dont want to do so! thanx !

  9. @ anonymous people -
    It is the limits of wisdom of people like you that dragged Sri Lanka to the hell she is today.

    WISDOM of its citizens is vital for a country to succeed...

  10. A hero? Honestly???

    As far as I'm concerend, a hero wouldn't hide behind the very people he's supposed to protect. A hero wouldn't shoot from behind the very people he's supposed to protect, when they sought protection. A hero wouldn't bomb the shit out of innocent people, little children - who knew nothing of the war - to fulfill his purpose.
    Gimme a break man. He was anything but a hero.
    In fact, he was a ruthless and barbaric son of a bitch who would stop at nothing to achieve what he wanted.

    And second, how could you put Che, Lenin and Castro in the same line as Hitler and Musolini?
    Seriously, you've got to read the history first.
    Che, Lenin and Castro are three great leaders of their time who faught for their people, not against them while Hitler and Musolini masacarred innocents to achieve their personal goals.

    Know what you're talking about.

  11. @Sachintha

    You forgot two things

    1. I said a Hero turned Mad man ! Which goes to say that he never died a hero.. he died a mad man

    2. About comparing Hitler and Lenin? ... "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"

  12. @Nash

    1. He never was a hero to begin with.

    2. You can't use that line to escape every argument. The ones I mentioned never mass-murdered people while Hitler and Musolini et al clearly did. There's a clear line between them...

  13. @Sachintha - Actually I wouldn't include Lenin in that list either, Trostky definitely...but Lenin was responsible for a lot of mass killings.

  14. අපොයි මටනම් මේ බ්ලොග් බලන එකත් තිත්ත වෙලා මේ දේශ්ප්‍රේමීන් සහ දේශද්‍රෝහීන් නිසා. අඩුම ගානේ තමන්ගේ බ්ලොග් එකකවත් තමන්ට හිතෙන දේ නිදහසේ ලියන්න නිදහසක් නැද්ද කියෙව්වහම ඇඟේ මාළුනටන සයිස් නම් එහෙම බ්ලොග් නොකියවා ඉන්න එක හොඳයි කියලා මටනම් හිතෙන්නේ ලියපු එකාට ලේබල් / ගල් ගහනවට වඩා

  15. @malee_msg
    Sorry about mistake.
    Any way u told me Idiot :P

  16. You have to bear with others point of view. We historically proved that we will defeat opposing ideas by any means. Don't be a part of that shameless group of community.

    If you do not agree with 'Abnormal Minds' you have to prove your view logically & sensibly. No use of fighting like in most of Sinhalese blogs.

  17. @Sachi

    I will do a post to answer why he was a hero to start with !

    I had an interesting convo with the grand son of Alfred Duraiappah who him self is a lawyer last week about the life, death and the whole concept of VP and LTTE as a cumulative effort.

    Give me sometime till I find time to write about it.

  18. Mr.T.J.Ranasinghe - Nope not idiot but Mr.what I said was don't give me any chance hereafter only :p ! ..

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