Friday, March 20, 2009

Writing your heart out

I love to read and I love to write !

Would any of your believe that I don't have a TV at my place ? .. but instead for the last count I have exactly 934 books. That is sans anything which has to do with my profession.

I can read 500 page book in less than 3 hours ! .. so in short... by the time you watch a film which was made out from a book... I can read the book ! and I never skip .. I read each and every single word and never miss a single page !

But writing ? .. writing is something I always hold in much high grace. I have this strange grudge against mistakes and re-writing anything I have already penned off.

When I write.. It has to be flawless... forgiven the typographical errors, each and every line that I write must portray EXACTLY what I want to express. I hate re-reading, editing and amalgamating or replacing words.

I hate it !

There was a time when I was perfecting my writing skills. I had neither no aim nor vision of how can I achieve this. That is before I met her !

Yeah... HER ! .. and the best part of it was that she's blind :-)

My farther had hired a telephone receptionist as a help to the blind and deaf school, Rathmalana... and that's how I met her ! and learned the most valuable lesson of writing exactly what I want to write... write only once !

How to write your heart out !

The most simple lesson she taught me was " When you can't see, you are seeing something more than you normally can."

The blind can draw, and guess what, they don't have perspective problems like we do. They can draw out perspective, and objects without stylization, why? Because they study, touch, feel the object, and they know in their mind that the object has an angle to them... and they connected those clues accordingly.

So I learned that when I open my eyes, I close my heart......I needed to write my heart out, so I needed to close my eyes..... and I did !

I practiced typing without the use of eyes... I practiced writing with a pen with my eyes closed most of the time.

I found out that every time I close my eyes, words flow easily through my heart to my mind and in turn to words.

While perfecting it, I stumbled upon a new use for this. .... I close my eyes when I am doing my job, it helps me to get a new perspective of what I am dealing with.... when I am in an argument, I close my eyes ! .. it shows me sides of the story which otherwise I would never understand.

And even now, while typing this, I have my eyes closed !

I guess that's why you close the eyes when meditating. Close yours eyes and open the door to your heart and mind.


  1. Yeah malee..! i mean you have observed that blind woman 100% totally! it's amazing. . its practically proves once again ,the potential power of her too!

  2. @ Chinthaka - Dude this post is not my post. its Nash's Post. he is the one who makes 99.9%+ English posts in this blog. So the credit should go to him :)

    To - Nash - 1. can I have a room from ur home. (dont mind having ur store room if i can read ur books!)

    damn u r super speed reader. for me I want to Njoy each and every word in the book.

    Well when it come to closing eyes..Yes I do agree with u. the best way to feel anything is feeling it from ur heart. To open ur heart u have to close ur eyes. then only hear open its eyes!

  3. @ true nash..100% aruguments you got the talent to xepress what you exactly feel through ur words..hats off dude!.

  4. huh,huh !, thx dude! confused!lol!

  5. I love reading too. But I'm a slow reader. I like to imagine while reading and if the picture is not nice, my eager demolishes. There are some books which has directed some nice movies on my head and I like review them sometimes.

    But writing is not like that to me. Sometimes I cut every para I wrote and completely change what I've written. That's when I was being empty minded when I'm writing. Somehow I always review to get the best I can.

    Closing eyes! yeah I agree too.

  6. I love reading, and writing too.. The problem I have is that, I can hardly put my thoughts in to words as fast as they flow in to my mind. Anyway what you said about closing eyes is true..