Friday, March 20, 2009

Dude, I hate you !

One of my good INDIAN friends just called me all the way from UK.

Him : Dude.. I hate you

Me : Why the heck is that ?

Him : I dunno, I just so fucking hate you

Me : What the fuck did I do to you eh ?

Him : I don't know whether I am right or just guessing.. but I just so fucking hate you right now!

Me : Look here dick face... if you think this is a good idea for a joke, just roll up the phone and stick it up your ass, I don't have time to listen to you bitching about hating me.

Him : Nah, man.. I am for real...She screamed your name

Me : Who ?

Him : My girl friend !


Him : She screamed your name at the end ! .. and I fucking hate you now !

Me : Dude, I never touched her.. or even eyed her man !

Him : I know.. that's why I hate you !

Me : Dude, you are making absolute no dog crap sense here mate

Him : She was DRUNK !

Me : oh... ok... soooooo... let me guess.. are you drunk too ?

Him : Yeah !.. me tooo

Me : Dude.. what's your name ?

Him: ... (says his name)

Me : You fucking idiot.. do you realize that your name is just one Syllable away from mine?

Him : ... SHIT !! SHIT SHIT !!!!!!! .....

Me : now what?

Him : I hate my self now ! .. I FUCKING HATE MY SELF NOW !

Me : Dude, get some sleep

Him: Ok... I hate my self now ! .... thanks for making me hate my self you fuck !

Me : Pray to god that I am not close by you dick head.. or I would just fucking kick your ass to oblivion right now !.. so shut the fuck up and get some sleep

Him : .. ok.. bye ! .. I hate you... no no... I hate me !


Ps. His name is Ranit Singh !... where the last name sounds very very close to mine :)


  1. =))
    Lolzzz thats the funniest story I have ever heard abt sumone;s name!
    LOlzz! Thanx to ur amma! for giving that superrrrrb name to U!!

  2. Thanks god the friends name is equivalent without a single character. If it was more, the story would be different.

  3. What is that animal name.

    I did not understand the joke here ne.
    Please explain me.
    Mama ithin tube lightne

  4. @Chanka

    (scratching my head)

    I... eerr... sincerely have no idea how to explain this any better than what I have already done / did

    malee-- help ?

  5. @ මකරා - මේ මෙයාගේ නමට අර සිංහ කොඩියේ ඉන්න සතාගේ පොඩි සම්බන්ධයක් තියනවා..ඒකනේ ඔය කියන්නේ..
    පේන්නේ නැද්ද දාන පෝස්ට් වලින්ම මේකා මහ සතෙක් කියලා :p

  6. ආහ් ඒක මිසක්.
    මම දන්නවයැයි මෙයගෙ ඇත්ත නම.
    මම දන්නෙ Nash_Node කියල විතරනෙ.
    හරිම සතෙක් තමා ඔයාටත් අහු වෙලා තියෙන්නෙ.
    කොහොමද අල්ල ගත්තෙ ?

  7. malee to the rescue !



    btw.. mayam 64 ma daala mawa allagaththa :D

  8. @ මකරා - අපි කාළයක් එකම පිස්සන් කොටුවෙන් ‍බෙහෙත් ගත්තානේ.. ඒ කාලේ තමා දැන ගත්තේ‍‍.. කොටි වල්ගේ අල්ල ගත්තා වගේ තමා ඉතිං‍‍‍... ;)

  9. @ Nash - අපොයි..! මායම් දාන්නම සතා මේකා.. තව නැත්තං හොදයි!

  10. අපොයි අපොයි, අර නැන්දයි මාමයි දුම්කොළ නැට්ටට රණ්ඩු කරා වගේනෙ මේ දෙන්නත්

  11. LMAO!!! This is funny man ..hahahaha! anywayz Nash, what's ya last name? Singha?? hihahaha ... must be something similar to that... :P

  12. LMAOROTF! u made me laugh (as i was sad today). I've read a same kinda story in the joke-section of lakbima. But ur one is 100 times funnier than it. Can I know ur name? Or his name? :D

    I hope that ur friend's last name must be singh. Isn't it?