Friday, March 6, 2009

Never put all eggs in One basket and 6 more golden rules for your life.

Yes, I know.. I have not been very much active in the blog lately.

Simple reason is that I had been involved in this Ceylinco case heavily and found no time to even take a piss in peace. :-)

But racketing out a comment to Malee's previous thread before I get into my own agenda's is I thought a must...

Gall trip - I can't simply believe you two love birds wasted time traveling on the train and visiting a goat family ..... sheezz... I would have spent that valuable time in somewhere more (S)exiting if I were you ! .... (but then again, you are not me.. so you are pardoned of my infamous instinct rage to spread the seeds) .. ahem... moving on and getting in to my topic.

I cannot of cource tell you each and everything of the this case.., but I just thought of putting out just important lines for all your chaps to remember.. and I believe some are even worth tattoing em into your forehead as golden rules.

so here goes.

1. NEVER FUCK WHERE YOU WORK..........AND NEVER WORK WHERE YOU FUCK - Golden rule.. which is why it's on full block capitals.

No kidding.. never fuck where you work.. cause that complicates things.. and if you work where you fuck.. it could blow 26 billion rupees into thin air and you could land your ass in jail for the rest of your life !

2. If you want to fuck your secretary .. Screw her on the table.

No.. you don't have to go with her to Australia every three months and spend millions for a 40 year old piece of ass ! .. no... either you screw her in the office desk.. or spend that money on some Russian hookers !

3. Never pay your mistress..NEVER EVER do that.

So she won't end up with a credit card balance of 149 million rupees and won't go blow the entier shit up in the sky..... which results in you landing in the jail for the rest of your life.

4. Never put all your eggs in one basket

Spread it out... put into many banks and financial institutions.. there are enough of them if you care to look around.

This is what will happen when you put all your life's saving into one place and the Director of the that places decides to screw with the Secretary without doing his job right.

5. Never fully trust your most trusted employee (or friend) without looking into his work or behaviour from time to time.

You will land your ass in Jail with a 26 billion rupees debt when you JUST trust the word of your trusted employees without looking into the facts and figures.

And to later only find out that your mosted trusted employee was screwing his secretary and paying her company's money.

6. Never accept a debt when you have the option of getting away from it

If you have an option between saying "Sorry, I never knew that" .. and "Don't worry, I will pay up for his screw up" ...

TAKE THE FORMER ... cause playing the good smartian.. or Gentleman when it comes to 26 billion rupees debt and given the fact that you are a UNP'er (which is not the ruling party or the president) .. is a SHIT of an choice to take.

Which.. again will land you ass in jail with undeniable accusations and debt.

7. Never cheat the government or the tax departments.. cause those assholes will always get your sooner or later.

To find out later (and supprisingly) that you had evaded 440 million worth of tax for the government doesn't help at all to build a case get to you free.

They may look foolish.. act foolish and even talk foolish.. but know this.. it's a master trickery these government officials use in tricking you to commit crime to catch you by the balls and screw your nut sack away later.

There you go.... 7 golden rules in total to keep in mind :D


  1. But anyway i was really admired with this article more than before!! really screwed up!! i'm gonna tell your mum!! lol thx!! keep in touch with it!!Bye!

  2. සිංහලෙන් අදහස් දැක්වීම ගැන සමාවන්න.

    අදක්ශ කලමනාකාරීත්වය, කිහිපදෙනෙක්ගේ වංචා විශාල පිරිසකට ලොකු පාඩුවක් කරලා තියෙනවා. මේකෙ වැරදි කාරයන්ට දඬුවම් ලැබෙන්න තියෙන ඉඩකඩ බොහෝම අඩුයි . අන්තිමට හොරු බේරේයි සල්ලි දාපු මිනිස්සුන්ට තම දඬුවම් හම්බ වෙන්නේ

  3. 5,6 & 7. absolutely correct.

    I was hired a friend of mine to keep my income tax accounts. Because he is my friend, I newer check the accounts well. But finally, he had made some fake accounts and stole the money that I gave him to pay the tax. Furthermore, because of those accounts I had to pay some big fine too to the Department of Inland Revenue.

  4. Thanx god! i dont have that much money to waste on invests!

    but surely I'll keep these advices in my mind when I start my own business.

  5. gotta keep these stuff in mind... interesting fact to point out is that almost all of these rules include "never" and "mistress/secretary" in the same sentence.. dealing with a really dangerous species there aren't we =D =D