Monday, March 23, 2009

I don't feel safe

1. First of all a great big thanks should go out to one of my homie girls "Rachel"(bless her tomboy heart and the avid fascination + interest in debating with me ..without getting pissed in the middle) ... if not for her, I won't be writing this article at all !

This is a result of a long argument we had about the present situation in this country about one week ago over some heavy boozing and a party. This is something that fired up and fired down but later picked up again when I was dropping her at her place.... we sat in the car for nearly 3 hours "arguing" and the line that I am using " I don't feel safe in this country anymore" his one of her own lines which she kept on repeating every 2 minutes.

2. It's a long skit and I know most of you won't even go pass three para' s.. still never mind.

away with it then., I call this "I don't feel safe in this country anymore"

I wonder why we allow ourselves to feel safe in this country? I wonder about the people who don't worry about their situations, their lives, and their own worlds.

Why do you believe what those in power tell you? When, deep down, we all know they tell us these things so that they themselves can do whatever they please. They would say anything to keep us calm and supportive... to keep us submissive and quiet. And, when it suites them, they play on our fears--even keep us afraid and needy--to get what they want from us. I don't feel safe in this country anymore

Look around you, isn't that true? .. They accuse of you being a LTTE supporter if you ever raise your voice against the murder and endless violence going on up there as the "war", and the next thing you know that there would be a "white van" parked outside your house. How bloody pathetic as a country we can get? I don't feel safe in this country anymore

But the saddest part of all this is that WE LET THEM do it. We let them feed us this propaganda bullshit, and we eat it up, even thank them for it. We rarely if ever question them, never wonder why they are allowed to commit crimes, but the poor are not. Never wonder why they get away with MURDER, but a damned beggar cannot beg without a identity card or else end up in jail. I don't feel safe in this country anymore

We let our jails be overrun with 'hopeless' cases... fill them with people who are stuck there because they can't pay the bail along with incredibly violent criminals... what are creating? a social stigma of derailed criminals comes out of jails and mix with the society we live in. Sadly many of these people only had to pay less than 4,000/- bux to be free, yet they enter our society with hearts full of rage and hatred. In doing so, we kill any and all GOOD potential these people could ever have, teach them that the true ways to live are through drugs and violence, despite imprisoning them for doing these very things. I don't feel safe in this country anymore.

And, meanwhile, the rich bastard politicians sit in the "tree's of temple" feeding the monster. They SEDATE us with rhetoric, empty promises, materialism, and consumerism. Again, sadly WE BELIEVE THEM! We agree! I don't feel safe in this country anymore

We accept our bread and circuses while Rome burns around us. We accept the 'this, too, shall pass' mentality, without lifting a finger to change our situation. We accept and vote for leaders that lies. Do these vile creatures make you feel safe where you sit right here, right now? Do you accept what you are told... like a dog that obeys an abusive master? Do you feel safe knowing our leaders are breaking the law? Do you feel safe? How can you?
I don't feel safe in this country anymore


  1. There is a well known saying by the common foe of this country; Sri lankan people forget everything within 2 weeks. It can be applied in the same way with the topics you have raised here. People are unconscious about what is happening and they are innocent with that. There time is badly abducted by some crazy time eating stuff which are always tele/broadcasting over the electrical media.

    It's not safe for a person with ethics and policies but there is nothing to do for most of them.

    There is a solution of keeping a hope with the future (it's the most popular way) that there will be a day that this pressure bubble will blast and a new sun will rise.

  2. One cannot really blame a set of people in the midst of was for three decades in forgetting horror and gore of life in a shot span of time.

    That is acceptable in lieu of things that affects the internal survival instinct of ours.

    Yet, the questions remains or rather I was pondering hereon was the matter's that many of us take for granted and left behind to be seen on hindsight.

    Haven't we all or most of us for that matter have become mere blind followers of state propaganda which is forced down our throats whether we like it or not?

    The state of the country both economically and socially are at chaos and we are in cross roads between destruction and total anarchy ... yes.. a moot point where which path you tread leads to the destruction !

    I hate people who believe in keeping quite hoping for that bubble blast,

    If thou shall not speak of thou self, non shall - Nash_Node

  3. Ur friend is correct!

    So dear friend what is your suggestion? Yes we all know in many ways sri lanka is becoming a dangerous place to live. But what should we do? Raise our voice against this? Do you think that it would be a success or a solution for this matter? NO as far as all the media idiots and and Pandam karayo praise this system it wont be a easy task. We know that this media people and all the other so called patriot groups are successfully doing their work as a brain washers. We know that now a days its so easy to find people who justify war. If you talk against it you are labeling as Ltte supporters, I know that u have being labeled and so many others too. What I think now is this system is perfectly planed by the admins of this country. If u have money to spend on migration you will be safe. But again you become the alien to that country. Or else you have to make your mind to live in this society. FITTEST WILL SURVIVE !

  4. There are some people I know, and some of them are in the blog space which are arguing with this matter of being blind followers. All of them are not in this country or just hidden in identity. There are talks and only talks for years. When I was a kid, there was the dream of this blasting bubble. There was the dream for a better country. When I was grown up, still there was the same dream among my surroundings. It means nothing has been done to make it better.

    So after looking back for years one can surely predict the future, which will be nothing more than that. The dream itself is a trick too.

    All the idols are failed. There is no hope in any way. And it's not only in here I guess. The whole world is facing this reality in numerous ways. You can see what some of those western people do to get out of it in buddhist blogs (lolz!)

    I have given up lot of things which I can do in common for the public and just have added myself for the list of regular talkers. And Just it! I want to keep my freedom to be me inside me at least!

  5. Be the chnage you want to see in the world..Gandhi ෴

    it might not be that easy but it wont be impossible...that day we all will feel so free and safe..

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