Thursday, November 22, 2012

women drivers, gay's, prostitutes and Dimo batta lorries.

Siting down and drinking a beer at the pub.. ironically a place named "the pub" in Kandy. To be blunt and out, i must say i would never ever live in this place even if they were to pay me for it.  One of the most sleepiest cities i have ever set foot upon and i will bear witness that even the most remotest parts of Tibet has more active night life than this. Where does all the people go after 6.30 in this god forsaken city?

Women? .. great looking with thier uptight faces, "udarata saree" and the " i' am so fucking proud to be a Kandian" look on their faces and literally walk around as their pussies and aligned with gold and stapled to their foreheads !!!! .. Bah ! I am just too off thrown even not to bother about the damn women and i am tied in a knot which i am not suppose to fuck around let them roam free without the any hinderense  from me. Lolzz.. no, not sour grapes ! . I am just not bothered.

This is apparently the sixth day i am spending in the city and i am just so bored. So much so that i am blogging in a pub!!!! A Pub by definition is where they actually came up with virtual chat rooms sans you cant get drunk on virtual booz. But here  i am almost bored to death with loneliness.  May be weekends are better, but judging by the way things going and from what i saw,  i doubt the holy fuck out of it.

Well, my fourth beer is over, and  i am still effin board. May be i should start watching some films over in my notebook. 

But then again., i guess this is as much as a good time than any to talk about women drivers, gay's, prostitutes and Dimo batta lorries. 

I have no idea actually how such oddly unconnected subjects just sprung out of my mind.. may be the alcohol is screwing up the neurons. btw.. nerd fact.. i just learnt over the bbc last night that neurons are like thoroughbred horses... they have all sort of petty small blood cells to do all the shit work and they would just sit pretty and electrify the brain. I humbly concur ladies and gentlemen...alcohol is shit facing me as exampled.. now I am running on the 7th and i got to take a leak really fast or i will piss on my pants. 

ok.. back ! .. now.. women drivers !

I am actually one of the first people (of whom i happen to know about) applauded the idea of "mass" female drivers in these little scooty peps and little mini size cars. when many said that they are just taking the fun out of driving....irritating and nonsense.... i always said that women should be equally enjoying the freedom men take granted for and they are great law abiding drivers. 

that was close to 10 years ago....

and now... BLOODY HELL ... from the moment i actually stepped back in SL... i am running into fantastic... brave...great women drivers who all together better at negotiating the crazy Colombo traffic just than all the men. I am no sexist pig.. but i just think it's fantastic...... yeah.. until i ran into the women racing drivers.

as a thumb rule, i believe women can't judge distances and space just by eye measure. Take that fundamental flaw of their natural make and put them into a swarm of crazy colombo traffic. ALL HELL BREAK LOOSE ! .. i tell ya.. these women are the she-devil re-incarnated themselves. Sneaking through here, there in these flimsy bikes and cutting you in front in cars is just too much.  So, in my shit-faced and fucked up state of alcohol marinated 6 foot tall self mine says that we should BAN all women drivers. (i might regret this later..)

Prostitutes and Gays..... nothing much to report on that actually. Seems that on virtual outlook, the city of Kandy is free from all such nonsense. but., dig deep and talk to the right people., i just witnessed first hand that the flesh business is thriving here. way more than quite popular cities like Hikkaduwa even. surprisingly it's quite easy compared to other parts of the country to get laid here !

for what it's worth ! ... i support all you women /  men who are in the business.. and if you are a bisexual, gay, lesbian, cd, or ts (both natural and opted) i am a life time member of the the equal grounds ! power to you mates !!!

 Dimo batta drivers - I JUST FUCKING HATE YOU SONS OF BITCHES !! I concluded that 99% of these drivers are idiots who just got their driving licenses and all of them are BLIND MOTHERFUCKERS !  know this ASSHOLES- in a vehicle.. there are two types of front lights. They are called  Dim light.. and Head light. The former is used for everyday and all the time driving to see the road front and the Latter (head lights) are only used when 

1. There is no one else coming from the opposite direction
2. To signal an on-coming vehicle and turn it back to the dim light
3. To be used in dire situations when you can't see the front of you (ie, Mist, snow, heavy rain etc)
4. and of course to signal if there are cops ahead.


1. to switch it on from the start of the vehicle till the end of the journey 

Read carefully you FUCKING RETARDS !! ... we can't drive on the roads because of you MOTHERFUCKING STUPID, ARROGANT, BLIND SONS OF BITCHES !!! who just goes driving merrily while all other drivers end up with headaches cause of your bright head lights.

wow.. i never thought i hate them that much !

anyways.. time to head off.. i am shit-faced and sleepy.... some MJ music is playing over the over head speakers.. so let me end this post with a tribute to MJ

MJ - even though the KING is gone... the beat goes on and on .... 

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  1. you didnt walk around KCC? Visited Maligawa at night? well, I do not know your choice, so cannot suggest what to do at night. Generally speaking, however, Kandy is deserted after 7.00pm