Friday, December 14, 2012

Viral mail & Getting copped down

I am back :) .. in the sunny side of life back in good Ol colombo.

Apart from being glad... have you ever had a Viral mail? .. in sense of about you or something you made went viral ?

well I have .. lucky me !  (sarcastic smile at my self)

Have you got that mail about the Traffic cops in Sri Lanka ??  when they can stop you?. search you and your rights.. their limitations etc etc?  I bet you have

well., i wrote that around 4 years ago for a place called Elakiri forums when much of it were populated with an intelligent, sound, sane people who could carry a conversation without crash landing or resorting to absolute filth in the middle.

what i wrote in response to someone's question was picked out of context and made into a separate email which went viral for sometime and I still get it sometime with pictures, logo's added, font changed etc etc...

enough of that !

There I was, happily driving down the Galle road, just passing the Dehiwala flyover when my phone rang. Now from the law that I know... I know I must stop the car on road side and finish my conversation. So like a good law abiding citizen of this *great (*according to the ruling party) country I did just that.. and to better off, i was having my hazard lights ON as well to signal the other motorists that I am not moving.

Lo and behold.. along came a cop...

That idiot, signaled me to come forward.. which i ignored since i wasn't finished with my call. "Signaled" me again.. for which i had to obliged. ... Then stops me as i was passing by and asked (in sinahalese which unicoded)

Cop : කොහෙද යන්නේ phone එක කනේ තියාගෙන? නීතිය දන්නෙ නෑද්ද?

I should have said : Came forward because you signaled.... but in some sort of a off the moment pissed out reason.. my reply was

Me : තමුසෙනෙ ගොන් වහන්සෙ මට එන්න කිව්වෙ. මට නීතිය මතක නෑ.

Cop : මොකක් ?  එහෙම කොහොමද නීතිය අමතක වෙන්නෙ?

Me : එක අහපන් උබේ ලොක්කොන්ගෙන්. උන් දන්නව අමතක වෙන්නේ කොහොමද කියල.  උබල ඉස්සෙලම කලිසම ගලවල  #)(&*#$+)Q$+)_(#&*()$&^%$#%^&*()(*&%$^&*()#(*&$%^&*&*#$+)Q$+)_(#&*()$&^%$#%^&*()(*&%$^&*()#(*&$%^&&*#$+)Q$+)_(#&*()$&^%$#%^&*()(*&%$^&*()#(*&$%^&&*#$+)Q$+)_(#&*()$&^%$#%^&*()(*&%$^&*()#(*&$%^&&*#$+)Q$+)_(#&*()$&^%$#%^&*()(*&%$^&*()#(*&$%^&&*#$+)Q$+)_(#&*()$&^%$#%^&*()(*&%$^&*()#(*&$%^&&*#$+)Q$+)_(#&*()$&^%$#%^&*()(*&%$^&*()#(*&$%^&&*#$+)Q$+)_(#&*()$&^%$#%^&*()(*&%$^&*()#(*&$%^&&*#$+)Q$+)_(#&*()$&^%$#%^&*()(*&%$^&*()#(*&$%^&

Filth which i should not post in a public blog

Asked for my licenses... and at last when he couldn't find anything to write a ticket for... i was given one for not displaying the vehicle registration on my windscreen properly. Now I have to pay 550 a fine.. but a fine BLOODY WELL worth it.

Crazy B&W Hair ! Nutters ! you do make my life dizzy ! work.. over work...still.. drawn like a magnet !

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