Thursday, November 15, 2012

I am back and it's just Legen.......wait for it..........

I have completely forgotten about the blog community.  ... can't blame or i won't let anyone blame me or if anyone even comes close to it.. I will sue the shit out of you for it.

Been buzy as hell.. as usual... but then again about 2 months back i made my self back to the lovely fucked up, messed up, shitted up country that I call home. Sri Lanka.

But then again, this is the best of times and the worst of times in Sri Lanka , don't you think? 800 cc Maruti cars had gone up from 2.5 lacks making sure that we will not give away money to the stinking Indians... but hey.. why not support the crumpling economy of Europe and buy our selves some Ferrari's and Porsche's while at it.

I love this country. Anyone who advocates that we are better off in a wealthy country is a narcissistic son of a bitch who should be butt fucked to death by a HIV positive donkey. ( Don't you just love my eccentric language and colourful use of examples ???)  Wealthy countries are for pussies who can't make it out on their own and needs someone else to have already done it for them.

With regard to the blog, the best thing that happened was to find Malee's number in an old phone sim of mine and the fact that she is still using that number even after 4-5 years. Talk about brand loyalty ! ! ! !... and found out that she was married !!

"THE FUCK????" she married ?? .. who ?? then again I was smashed in the junk (literary by her own words via sms ) that she has brand loyalty even when it comes to MEN ! .. well coneffingrats Malee. :)  and that i mean from the bottom of my heart ! . . you both should be blessed with all the happiness, joy, wonder and not forgetting cute little brats just like you till death shall part you both.

(ps . if you have a problem down the line.. let me know and i will run over the guy with a car and let death do you apart... just one call mate.. just one call and it will be done :)  )

and there i was wrecking my brains out the entire night trying to retrieve the username and the password which i use to log into the blog to make a post .....

Getting back to the country issue....

Seriously, in which country can you get away with not following road rules for 200 bux?? well in India you can do it for 20 rupees or if you are even remotely connected to Dawood Ibrahim... but that's just the "rolling  R" cow dung pudding smearing Indians.!! .. not in any great effin wondrous country like ours. And in which great country you can insult the government and get a free ride in a chauffeur driven "White Van" with personal security???  

Anyways... going on and on ranting about this country either going make me sick or if I am lucky, i will too get a free ride in a van..

But then again.....I am back... and I have a love-hate relationship with this country... AND Malee is married.

oh... and


(if you got the first and the last part.. you are in the Barney Stinson bro hood with me !


  1. You forgot to mention one of Lanka's major attractions; Family weddings!
    Apparently 'underwater wedding photographs' are all the rage now.
    and then there's this other option of making a music video of the couple in which they gaze into each others eyes infront of Dutch hospital and do some dance moves at Casa colombo and play it for the unsuspecting guests at the wedding. repeatedly.

    ... and that my friend is a ...True story :D

  2. ....and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the other part of that word is DAIRY! :p