Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Paranormal Activity

In short... one of the best damn horror films I have ever watched ! ........ after Alfred Hitchcock that is !...

But still... an absolute master piece of subtle horror that truly lingers with you for weeks after watching it. !

Believe it or not.. I actually closed my bathroom air went when I was taking a shower two days later watching the film :O. ..... That's fucking horror man... that's absolutely total subtle fucking horror at it's best !

I think the whole concept of the film is that there's absolutely nothing extra ordinary in it. ! .. it's just a normal everyday couple.. a loverble but a little harsh (as always) girl and a witty ass cam junkie guy with timely wise cracks and constant bickering as any normal couple do !

The other most important element was... it was stationary and only one paranomal activity there. No leather face chainsaw guy running around or some retarded inbread asshole trying to kill everything that moves. It's just like YOU AND ME ... going to bed everynight.. and sleeping !.. the scariest shit was that ... it happens when you are sleep ! :(

However, let me not spoil the fun

Grab a copy and watch it !


  1. No matter how good it is! I am NOT GOING TO WATCH IT !!!!

    I always love to have a peaceful sleep !!!

  2. ey man.. do you have any idea where i can download it.... cuz i really wanna watch it.