Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A confession

"Someone " (guess who) .. told me that I should do an open self confession.. ultimately it is suppose to help you understand your self better and accept your self for who you are.

So here goes. (and I feel so fucking stupid now) --- I hope this is enough for you .. you SHE-JERK !

Hi, My name is Nash_Node ! .. and I am a Dipsomaniac to start with ! I have an uncontrollable dependence on Smoking to release tension. I have Impulsive Behavior Disorder, I am born with 60% LOW Latent Inhibition disorder, coupled with my IQ, I stand as a rival to Michel Scofiled in Prison Break :) (Basically I process incredible amounts of information in my mind than an average person.. sometimes it's a pain when you get bombarded by too much information in too little time to process all of em)

I am a thinker more than a writer. I have a moderate skill writing what's in mind when I want too. I can be described as an insensitive asshole most of the time by outsiders but I care for the well being of people close to my hearts neighborhood than they can ever imagine. I am an animal lover but never "much" appreciate DOGS !

I have good people skills, I can buy a diamond to the price of peanuts and sell peanuts for the price of diamonds when I want to. I am hard to make friends with and I find it hard to make any good friends my self.

I am not much of a nature lover but I love nature's pure alcohol ! I don't mind the bees buzzing and birds singing, but I treasure quietness and piece of mind very much ! .. I love R&B and soul music. I am not a "hater" of Rock music or anything loud... but I prefer not to bother my ears with them.

There you go !

That's about me :-) .. full filling the obligation of making some she-moron happy ! .

but then again !, I guess many of you reading this are of no different than me except for the first para.


  1. I can guess who she is..! :D


    Uba mechchara hodai da ban ? :P

  2. Lolz..

    No fucking idea actually ! ..

    really ! .. even I stated to wonder if I am this good ! :D