Thursday, November 12, 2009


A little funny thing I came to when I was in Kandy .. yesterday.

I had to go to the Municipal Council to sort out something and this is what my contact there said to me.

අයියේ කිසි දේකට බය වෙන්න එපා. ඔතන ඉස්සරහා ඉන්නවා සිංහයෙක්.

ඌ ඇරෙන්න ඔතන ඉන්න අනිත් ඔක්කොම එවුන් පගා මරුවෝ.

Funny at first ! .. but that's how low the public service had fallen in the eyes of commoners in Sri Lanka now !

Sad !


  1. this is what we all facing in sri lanka.. most of government workers are bribes. just be in custom office n see how many wants a chit?

    i too used to give the chit and roll on my issue... if not what we do?

  2. Hik Hik... Didn't you try the lion? Definitely it's a bit hard fox with Lion Clothings.

  3. SO SAD!!

    Nash,may i correct the sinhala typing mistakes?

  4. malee

    Please do !.. you know my Sinhalese SUCKS !

    I had to try for hours to type that two lines :)

  5. that is how our people used to work in Gov offices. feel shame about us. but no one trying to change this way.