Friday, April 24, 2009

Selective Breeding

Last week I faced this weird situation which prompted me to think about this !

The situation was simple.. I was at this cocktails where I saw a guy from my batch in school. For some unknown reason I hated this guy from the school days and just avoided him as best as I can... but he caught up with me and asked.

him : hey, you are a Royalist right?

me : (looked at him for a while and said) .. Yes

him : you were on the 2001 batch right?

me : yes

him : Do you remember me?

me : Nop (.. of cource I remember him damn well)

him : Machang, common, I was on the next class doing bio and you were doing Maths.. i am a doc at NHSL now.. what's with you now?

me : Seriously, I don't remember you mate... btw, I am not doing anything at the moment, I just got out of the rehab for drug users !

him : Whoa.. really ? ... where were you all this time mate ? ... Sri Lanka or somewhere else ?

me : naah, I was in US studying.. and got into doing crack.. and they deported me !

him : that's bad bro.

me : yeah, say mate.. do you know any place I can buy some around here since you're a doc and might know people who do !

him : eerr.. no mate.. anyway, I got to meet some people over there.. I will see you later machang !

and he avoided me like the plague !

So the revelation I can gather from this is

1. Docs are stupid !
2. I have a problem of selective breeding when it comes to the people I associate with !

Docs are stupid.. so let's leave that as it is without any debate.

But getting into the revelation part 2....

I scared my self on that thinking back on it. Do we all have it ? or is it just me ? :O


  1. ආහ් මේ මගේ බ්ලොග් එකේ ලියන කොල්ලානේ... හික් හික් :p

    4 sure we all have that problem mate.. there are soooo many times I have ignored ppl who I was to know times back.
    I thought its my fault. but looks like its a common issue with humans. :)

  2. WTFQ? (What the franky questions?)

    All we are surffing the feeling and regarts as malee akki said.

  3. Actually sometimes I'm ignoring people whom are always staying beside me. That selective breeding mechanism is applying on the moment. May be I'll need the person within an hour ;)

    Ofcourse, docs are stupid as all the descendant employees of their hospitals. (And all of them are clever enough to gain every cent which they are meant to get from there official system.)

  4. that isn't just for you dude!!!,about me ,got the same experiece, when i'm moving with the people like that,it's just a time to make sure about the people and i learn somthing about themself as i can,i ought to do that! but i'm not worrying about maself,

  5. Why do U say that docs are stupid?
    Are all docs really stupid?

    Good luck when U get ill someday!

  6. The story is damn funny,Why dont you publish a joke book, you can call it "500 wise cracks from a Stupid AH"

    BTW, this selective breeding mechanism or syndrome works against me, in the sense, I get selected not to be associated with, by others. I never have to select my self, because, there's none to select......

  7. @JustaDoc

    Cuase you simply fail to see the fine line between Sarcasm and Insult!

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