Friday, January 15, 2010

I am alive

yeah I am :)

Just wanted to let you chaps know. just being incredibly buzy...that's all

Thanks for Malee and Buru for checking up on me... didn't know I was that important ;) .. Kudo's for both of you.

Anyways, let me leave you all with three of the 80's Disco music from the film "Scarface" and "Carlito's way" and something else from Barry White - Rock the boat. - Heaven must be missing an angel. - Can't get enough of your love

I know it's not many of yours taste.. but this is the music from an era of Drugs, sex, disco, bell bottoms, fancy foot works and flashy attire.

Hope you will enjoy... and do check out the lyrics...


  1. finally.......

    by the way thank ya very much for letting know that u are ok.

    i just phoned malee and asked if any news by u. so i will ring back to her n let her know.
    take care buddy. love ya

  2. Happy to know that ur ALIVE! :-)

    if u r truly BUSY then its ok.. sorry if we disturbed u by sending txtz & callz..
    but.. if u are just appearing like busy remember that is not going to help u in any sort of way..! if so.. u r just cheating yourself.. if NOT so.. pls ignore my comment. :-) cheers!!!
    Buru loves but I am not hoo hooo! :P