Monday, July 13, 2009

Agent of Chaos

It is said that it's written on the heavens that each mortal should control his/her own fate, but sometimes that isn't so. Sometimes a small change in the timeline can create a great change for all. It is said that some things are meant to happen and some things can't be prophetised.

Not even the wisest of men can see into the future clearly, not even their calculations nor magic can foretell the future. It is changes like these, that decide the coming victor....of good, or of evil. The sleeping shall perish, the awake shall fight and the wise shall remember...if they survive. No man or woman can foretell the future....

~Soul wrought of Terra corrupt,
I am the darkness which engulfs
the light,
I am the being who will plunge
your soul into an eternal night,
for now you must fight,
fight the darkness with all of your might,
in order to save your soul from
darkness and stay in the light

I am.... I am your Agent of Chaos~

Fantasy literature.. nothing to do with a real life situation or any other personal events

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