Thursday, January 16, 2014

I feel ALIVE


I feel so lively after loooong time.! hell yeah I mean it! Even though still i am in medication, after having endless sleeping period I feel healthy and fit again!

So to celebrate my recovery ammi decided to have string hoppers for diner!


Our beloved string hopper akka also not well.. So amma wanted to cook rice n curry instead of something else!

Why not some HOME MADE FRIED RICE! yipeyipiyeeei! ( its was my idea)

I know cooking can fix my all worries! I am an anytime happy time home chef!

Managed to find some basmati rice and some carrots beans and soup cubes along with Vegitable ghee and butter I made it! and my most favorite hot chicken curry.! It was fast and quick dinner preparation but still worth it! All three of us are now having problem in FULL BANDIES :P

Well.... to be honest!

during past days I had mind game! It is not an easy task to go through it!

I had a fight with my "inner mind" and my "world see your face" mind!
I had a fight with "who I really wanna be" and "who I am now" mind!
I had a fight with "a girl who lived two three years ago who lived VERY happily and thought VERY freely about everything; who cold almost adjust to everything" and "traditionally married Sri Lankan woman."

Believe me its so hard!!! Its the most difficult situation u ever face!

For the first time in our entire life I did not talk with my husband for at least six days!
(more periods will come in future too... who knows? :P)

Sometimes i was too much rude for my fellow junior staff !! I should have think that they are just little girls who just started their carrier... It will take little time for them to feel the weight of a responsibility of a Job!

I forgot it! I forgot how I was... I missed all my friends just because of my carelessness...

Where are those small get to gathers.. gone?
Where are those all late night chatty friend gone??

What the hell am I doing???
my studies? my art works? my small collections? WHERE ARE THEY?

I know I KNOW! I am not LATE to TURN BACK !

My beloved online NAME yeah ! SHE IS STILL ALIVE !!!


PS: Anyone around my home area....!
Welcome for left over fried rice and chicken curry!!!
Oh I miss my camera! ADO i want it back ASAP!!!

PPS: Oomg its my second post for the day and its in some other language... am I getting mad or what???? LOLlllZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Hey Malee, are you high or something? :D
    Anyway good to have you writing again :)

  2. Seems you've been meditating during the last week. Self evaluation is something a person must perform.

  3. @Niro :- oh might be drug overdose ;-)

    # Hare - :p come again pls.....