Monday, April 5, 2010


I (we) was at a bar the day before, and a band sang something called the "Forever songs" !

Surprisingly, those were Forever songs indeed. All time classic, where you don't have to like the artist or the genre, but you have to admit their awesome songs.

Here are the songs they sang.. and you are welcome to add any more if you feel it should deserve a place in this list

Oasis - Wonderwall
Oasis - Little by Little
The Fray - How to Save a Life
Train - Drops of Jupiter
The Cranberries - Zombie
Cant' Help falling in love - Elvis
The Temptations - Papa was a rollin'stone
Tavares - Heaven must be missing an angel
Hues Corporation - Rock the Boat
Barry White - You sexy thing
Goo goo Dolls - Iris
George Michael - Spinning the Wheel

Of course I am not going to find you the youtube links for em.. go find it for your selves :-)


  1. Awesome list..
    Drops of Jupiter by Train is one of my all time favourites..

    hey why not add 'When I need you..' by Leo Sayer
    'Love is in the air' - Paul Young
    'Top of the world' by Carpenters.............
    to this list?

  2. i m not really a fan of western music. Iris is one of my favorites. will listen to others and see. i second the suggestion of ansh about "when i need you"

  3. oh by the way "Cant' Help falling in love - Elvis" is exactly how i feel these days. thanks for reminding :-)

  4. A great list indeed. Even though I haven't heard some of them ;)
    I can't remember by the title but think some of Bon Jovi, MLTR, Bryan Adams will fit in here :)

  5. thanks for post nash_ . my favourites are

    "Edwin McCain - I Could Not Ask For More "

    "Glen hansard and Marketa irglova-falling slowly"

    nash i just listen above few. thanks friend.. nice add some more dear

    malee_msg and nash_node both of you " සුභ අලුත් අවුරුද්දක් වෙවා "....

  6. Watch Robbie Williams "Feel". great voice, great music, great video (watch B/W one).

    I do not know whether you like it or not.

    Please let me know.....

    Great article too.