Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MR and Snow White

I believe it was the Bother Grim's who penned down the story Snow White.

I heard the story countless times and watched / seen it on television either with real humans or cartoons.. yadi yadi ya...

But, when I was around 16 or 17... I ran across one of my old Fairy tale books and read this story again.... and I asked my self / and the book one question which I never got the real answer to.

The Queen ... Why does she hate Snow White ?

Mirror Mirror on the wall ????? ... so, when the mirror says Snow White is beautiful.. she automatically hates the little princess ?

But WHY ? .. I mean, she was the queen right? . she had the total executive powers, the defense forces and the entire government by her side.. YET.. she hated and loathed one little girl who was beautiful than her?

So ? .. was it really about the Mirror ? Was it really about the Beauty.. or was it just plain envy of someone is / would be more popular than you?

I believe it was about jealousy and the knowledge of someone is more appreciated than you. The fear of accepting the truth had driven the queen totally mad enough in trying to kill a little innocent girl. Not once... not twice but three times she tried to kill her.

Sheer envy, jealousy, vanity and the fear of accepting the truth of people which is portrayed by the Mirror.


For all this time, I had my doubts on all the stories I heard as well I preached over here in Elakiri as well.. But from last night.. I know Mahinda had lost the elections ..

This guy had gone absolutely wild and crazy now. Blinded by the pure rage and hatred of knowing that he's clinging onto something that does not belong to him.

Its just sad to see this idiot had dragged back our countries hard earned democracy to the level of Taliban's !


  1. අනේ සිංහලෙන් දාන්න.

  2. Nash_node
    most of people dont want to find the truth. they only listen to government media. we can see what are things happening in the streets. country want this...that's why they choosed him. these peoples in the correct path. Genaral deserved that. i belive genaral deserved that. why he choosed to jump in to the mud instead american citizen. why he challenge the royal family. why he arise voice for the people who suering from political stream.

    සැර දේවා මහ රජානනි......

  3. Have a fucking cry. jaraa Gonseka lost the election and his dicksuckers like you are angry :)

  4. Again! You've got another way to represent the thing you want. The fairy tales we've heard are not just stories ha?

  5. Its the complete meltdown of all democratic means. Idi Amin personified, MR goes to Russia, endows himself with bogus grace and orders the arrest of the war hero. Insult and humiliation will only strengthen him to one day defeat the nepotism once and for all. Wasn't Ferdinand Marcos too the supreme leader of a nation once, now quite the villain. I'm convinced since yesterday that MR infact lost the election

  6. Damn!!!
    can anyone tell me a place to go n hide from this stupid world.. I HATE politics..! but the main subject in these days is Politics! WTF !!! give me a break!

  7. you know what I think? Both queen and snow white were actually brand agents for a fairness cream and were in huge competition with each other. This is why the queen always asks
    'Who is the fairest of them all?'
    There end of story. :P

  8. Very Well Said..nice flow unto the like..

  9. You two, Malee & Nash, are surely an odd couple,but equally talented in creativity.

    Nash, pls. stay away from the goddamn politics as much as you can.I know, it it easy to say than done, as politics is very much part of our life, whether we like it or not. My point is, you don't deserve all these trashing for just voicing your political preference. I don't really know how to do it: try to be mo subtle, use satire or something.

    Finally, good luck for both of you. I really enjoy your work.